Callaway Golf Company Background

Callaway Golf is now one of the biggest names in the sport of Golf. The company was able to keep its name on top of the list amidst many challenges and difficulties that any business go through. Just last year (2013), the company announced losing millions of dollars in revenue, but with hard work, excellent marketing strategies and revolutionary technology applied to their products, it was able to show immediate and successful resurgence early this year (2014). It’s one company that’s not easily shaken because it was able to build a solid worldwide customer base which strongly believes in its top caliber products.

The company also has a strong foundation as reflected in its history –

Callaway- GolfCallaway Golf has emerged in 1982, when half of the shares of Hickory Sticks USA were bought by Ely Reeves Callaway Jr. Hickory Sticks USA was a maker of golf clubs made of hickory shafts with steel core. In that same year the company name was changed to Callaway Hickory Sticks USA. Soon after that, the company was relocated to Carlsbad, California when Callaway became its company president in 1983. The company was eventually fully bought by Callaway the following year. In 1986, it made a breakthrough by introducing computer-controlled golf club manufacturing machines, and this was when the original Big Bertha 190cc steel club head was developed. The company name was finally changed to Callaway Golf Company in 1988.


The company has enjoyed continued success and became more popular with the creation of its Big Bertha golf club line. Big Bertha was even named as the number one driver on the USPGA Tour in 1994. Rising to the top, the company started to diversify and created its golf ball division in 1996. It also started to market products under Odyssey putter brand when Odyssey Sports was acquired in 1997. From the original 190cc, the Big Bertha Titanium 290cc was developed and introduced in the market in that same year.

Ely Callaway retired as president and CEO of the golf company in 2001 and passed away due to pancreatic cancer later that same year. He left a well-established company that continued to grow stronger and bigger. In 2002 it launched the Callaway Forged Wedges and Golf Balls. The Wedges were made of carbon steel and was designed with a modified U groove club face. It also took three years for the company to develop the state of the art new golf balls. Company products like the cutting-edge Big Bertha golf drivers, forged wedge clubs, golf balls, Odyssey hot putters, had high demands in the market. In 2003, it also acquired other golf brands like Top-Flute, Strata, and Ben Hogan. The Big Bertha Titanium 454 Driver was introduced in 2004 and was named the World’s Longest Driver.

Callaway GolfAt present, Callaway Golf remains one of the biggest names and most trusted brands in golf equipment. It is now a famous American global sporting goods company that markets its products in over 70 countries and is named as the world’s largest golf club maker. Aside from golf clubs and golf balls, it also now designs, manufactures, markets, and sells golf apparels, golf shoes, golf bags, travel gears, head gears, watches, and other golf-lifestyle related products. With its wide range of products, it now has 1700 full time employees which continue to work hard as a team in producing superior quality, high end products.

Authentic Callaway items are available for purchase online at The site offers a wide range of selection from golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags, golf shoes, and other accessories under the Callaway Golf brand.