5 Advantages To Enjoy From The Upgrade To The Efficient Ford Air Box

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Ford Air Box
Ford Air Box
People love to go for long drives and then you know that overheating can be a problem. You would love the idea of adding some after part that will aid in controlling the temperature in the combustion engines. The efficient Ford air box is going to fulfil your requirement. There is always a solution for overheating of the car.

More About Air Box

The air box is primarily an empty chamber present in the inlet of the combustion engines. Its purpose is to collect the cooler air from outside and feed it into the intake hoses of the individual cylinders. This is an improvisation in the new models as the older engines drew in the air directly from the surroundings into the individual carburettors. All Ford cars are capable of being equipped with such air box. The Ford gives you a luxury of long drive in the heat.

Making Vehicles Better

Many of you must be wondering by now how the air box is doing any extra help to the vehicle. It is time to learn about the chief advantages that you can enjoy from the efficient Ford air box. Below are some of the benefits of the air box:

  1. More Horsepower

The very idea of getting more horsepower will make you leap up in joy. But you must understand how that will be possible.
  • The cold air intake will help to cool down the internal combustion engine.
  • Directly increase the efficiency of fuel burning.
  • It will increase the rate of oxygen combustion, too, leading to a surge in horsepower.
  • Installing the efficient Ford air box will definitely add to the horsepower of the vehicle.

  1. Better Mileage

One of the chief requirements for long drives or adventure trips is to get a car with high mileage.
There is no chance you will want to miss on the opportunity to get a boost in the mileage:
  • The air box is such an engine upgrade that it will improve the air to fuel ratio.
  • Less fuel will burn to run a certain distance as more air goes through the engine.
  • It implies you will notice visibly higher gas mileage when the trips to the gas stations will be fewer and infrequent.

  1. Enhanced Acceleration

Another common advantage of the efficient Ford air box is the way it can improve the rate of acceleration. You can notice a considerable increase in the responsiveness of the car. The reason is the cold air, which is always denser than the warm air. The denser air will help to send more air to go ground for the increased combustion. You can now reach a high speed at a faster rate and without much stress on the engine. It will be practically helpful when you enter the busy highways and during interstate travels.

  1. Better Air Filters:

Then stock intake is most probably having a complimentary disposable paper filter. Although these paper filters can avert the debris competently, you need to replace them frequently.
  • The filters of the efficient Ford air box are sturdier, which will last longer than the paper filters.
  • Also, you don’t have to replace the filter soon as you can now take them out and clean them to re-install the same filter.
  • Clean the air filter every 25,000 to almost 50,000 miles, owing to the magical air box.

  1. Nice sound

As more air fills the engine, the sound will be more robust. The sound system is directly affected by the presence of an air box in your Fiord. You can also use intakes that can baffle the burly sound in case you want a peace of mind while driving.
Ford Air Box
Ford Air Box
The efficient Ford air box is the best upgrade possible for the car that will help you go for long trips and across undulating terrains. These are the reasons why you should hurry and get help from your mechanic right away. Remember you must try and reach out to Ford service centres for better experience.

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