6 Benefits of CCTV Inspection

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One of the major nightmares of any urban dwelling is choked pipes that cause leakage and stagnancy. Cleaning these pipes requires a proper knowledge of plumbing and cleaning skills that do not interfere with the daily lives of the residents. Living in the era of gadgets and technologies that are powered by AI, depending on manual labor for inspecting drains, is not only backdated but also unnecessary. Opting for CCTV Inspection for drains and pipes not only saves time. It also helps workers inspect narrow pipes and inspect the extent of damage which will help them make an informed decision about they will clean and mend the damage.

Why opt for CCTV Inspection?

CCTV Inspection is using closed-circuit cameras, that are operated automatically, within the pipes that do deep underground. This way, they connect with cameras to a television for streaming the condition of the pipes in details. The operator can zoom in or pan out the viewing angle by adjusting the lens of the cameras to get a better idea of the damage caused. Apart from highlighting the areas of choking, these cameras are also useful in looking for and detecting any damage to the structure of the sewage system so that preventive maintenance can perform immediately. With CCTV Inspection, the job of maintaining and repairing underground plumbing and sewage system is not only effective but instantaneous.

Top 6 benefits of opting for CCTV Inspection:

  • Accuracy: When you get a precision on the damage/problem, aiming for an accurate and corrective maintenance is ensured. When recording with CCTV, the data gets recorded and stored which can be shared across the team who will work on the issue. This in-depth and accurate data also aids in better repair work by the workers and contractors.
  • Preventive: One of the main issues with residential sewage system is the clogging on the drains with hairs, discarded wrappers, wipes and toiletries, and even roots of trees and leaves. Having CCTV Inspection allows contractors to keep a lookout for the accumulation of such objects so that cleaning them before they choke the drain.
  • Cost-effective: They fit each CCTV with location sensors that enables accurate mapping of the pipeline. When a problem arises in any one section, excavating that  is enough rather than having to inspect the whole pipe and excavate the whole length and depth until the precise area is located. This prevention of unnecessary excavation also saves money and time.
  • Non-destructive: With cost-effectiveness comes the benefit of not destroying the structure of the whole location where the pipes are placed and compromising the integrity of the entire system. CCTVs offer this timesaving and non-destructive alternative to manually looking for damages and ending up causing more damage that will be detected in the future.
  • Eco-friendly: With inspection, the extent of excavation is limited and often can be forgone altogether when the nature of the problem can be detected and its preventive measures do not require digging. This also ensures that the ground is not disturbed, being an environment-friendly option.


Apart from being a time and life saver, CCTV Inspection also enables workers to correctly understand the issues with the structure and the system. This makes gathering equipment and workers skilled to perform the specific maintenance easy and a more streamlined process.

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