7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an NDIS Provider

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Navigating the world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be overwhelming, especially when faced with the decision of choosing a quality NDIS provider. With many organizations offering similar services and packages, it’s essential to determine what sets each provider apart and what factors will help meet your needs and goals. In this article, we will discuss seven essential questions to ask NDIS providers when choosing the one that’s right for you or your loved one. Let these questions guide your decision-making process and help ensure you receive the best support possible from your NDIS provider.

How Experienced Is the NDIS Provider In Delivering Disability Support Services?

Experience is a crucial factor in selecting an NDIS provider. Providers with years of hands-on experience are more likely to possess the knowledge and expertise needed to understand your unique requirements and tailor support effectively. When researching potential providers, look for organizations with a proven track record and a clear focus on continuous improvement in their services.
Some questions to ask providers include:
  • How long have they been delivering disability support services?
  • How many NDIS participants do they currently support?
  • Can they provide testimonials or case studies from current or past clients?

What Types of Services And Programs Do They Offer?

When choosing an NDIS provider, it’s essential to select one that offers the services and programs you require. A comprehensive list of NDIS services includes assistance with daily living, capacity-building activities, respite care, supported employment, and community participation, among others.
Ask potential providers:
  • What range of services and programs do they offer to support your goals?
  • Can they tailor programs to meet your specific needs, and will they review and adjust them as you progress or your needs change?
  • Can they help you identify and access services that you may not have considered or may require in the future?

How Are Their Staff Trained and Do They Have The Right Qualifications?

The quality of support you receive often depends on the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of the support staff. Before committing to an NDIS provider, make sure their staff has the appropriate qualifications and training necessary to support your needs effectively.
Questions to ask providers include:
  • What qualifications and experience do their support staff possess?
  • What is their approach to ongoing staff training and professional development?
  • How do they ensure staff are matched effectively with participants based on skills, experience, and personal compatibility?

How Do They Involve NDIS Participants and Their Families In The Planning, Decision-Making, And Delivery Of Support Services?

Your NDIS provider should work closely with you and your family to understand your needs and ensure the services delivered align with your goals. The more input you have in the planning and decision-making process, the better the outcomes will be.
Ask potential providers:
  • How do they involve participants and families in the development, implementation, and review of support plans?
  • How do they ensure they understand participants’ needs, preferences, and goals?
  • How do they measure the effectiveness of their support and adjust services based on feedback?

Will They Work Collaboratively with Any Other Service Providers Involved In Your Support Network?

In many cases, NDIS participants may receive support from multiple service providers. Coordination between all providers is essential to ensure a seamless and integrated support network.
Questions to ask providers include:
  • How do they collaborate with other service providers in your support network?
  • Will they assist with coordinating supports across all providers, including scheduling and communication?
  • Are they open to working closely with other providers to develop new supports or adjust existing services based on your needs?

How Do They Handle Communication, Feedback, And Complaints?

Open, transparent communication is key to a successful partnership with your NDIS provider. It’s essential for providers to have systems in place to manage feedback and complaints effectively.
Ask potential providers:
  • How do they facilitate regular communication with participants and families?
  • How do they encourage and manage feedback on their services?
  • What is their complaints procedure, and what steps do they take to address any concerns?

Can They Provide Consistent Support Within Your Budget and NDIS Funding Limitations?

Your NDIS provider should work with you to ensure you are receiving the support you require within the limits of your approved funding package.
Questions to ask providers include:
  • How do they ensure they deliver services within the budget limitations of your NDIS plan?
  • How do they track and manage funds to prevent overspending or underutilizing resources?
  • Can they provide advice on maximizing the value of your funding package and accessing additional resources where necessary?


Choosing the right NDIS provider is essential for NDIS participants to achieve their goals and enjoy a fulfilling, independent life. Asking these seven questions will help you gain a better understanding of potential providers and their ability to cater to your unique needs. Remember, the best NDIS providers are not only committed to delivering quality support services but also understand the importance of continuously building positive relationships and fostering genuine partnerships with the individuals and families they serve.

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