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    8 Important Factors to Consider When Doing Landscaping for Homes

    When talking about landscaping, it is usually done to give a fresh and fun look to the plain and boring yards that are turned brown and patchy. Doing landscaping results in increasing the aesthetic and practical value of the property beyond any doubt. A feature added to the property ground that enhances the house’s overall aesthetic value is considered a landscaping feature.

    Many landscape features can be installed in the property; however, before deciding on the feature, the homeowner must consider if the added landscape idea would be in harmony with the house. It is not a mandate that incorporating all into the property’s landscape is only the sure path to aesthetic enhancement.

    The most common types of landscape features are:

    1. Planting beds or flower borders

    Flower beds are one of the most used landscaping features to make any yard look vibrant and colorful. The trick here is the selection of colorful flowering plants. The newly planted bed will look unattractive for some time though, however, with time, the beauty of the planted bed will grow with full bloom. Professional landscape designers usually can advise on planting flowers to match the property’s color and overall appearance to create a balanced look.

    2. Lawns and shrubs

    A lush green lawn never goes out of style and is a sure way to make the property stand out. Artificial grass beds can be used if natural turfs are difficult to maintain. Shrubs, especially those that produce berries, flowers, and fall foliage, are common landscape features that add instant beauty to the yard that stands out in the yard.

    3. Flowering trees

    Another important landscaping feature, flowering trees, makes a bold statement and provides shade and respite in the yard in warmer climates.

    4. Foundation planting

    Simply put, foundation plantings are simple to plant beds, mainly shrub dominant, that are planted along the foundation of the house. The traditional style consists of:

    • Entryway plantings
    • Corner plantings
    • Bridge plantings, installed in the gaps between the above two plantings

    5. Driveways and walkways

    Installation of driveways as a landscaping feature is best handled by professional driveway contractors. Homeowners should seek references and research the variety of styles available to suit the property’s overall look. Similarly, for walkways, seeking professional help is recommended. However, there are some DIY installation options, such as the sand set path.

    6. Fences

    Fences, especially picket fences, are a favorite choice for English style cottage gardens. One can consider doing landscaping which can add a unique homey look to a landscape that is hard to match. Fencing choices that incorporate shrubs, vines, pachysandra, and trees can also be explored.

    7. Fountains

    Fountains, especially stone ones, are used to make the landscaping feature a focal point in the property and create a relaxing and calm environment in the yard.

    8. Water gardens

    Water garden refers to growing pond plants and helps create an environment of calmness. Here, landscaping can help a person grow a sustainable healthy water garden. Before starting the process, there are some handy tips to follow-

    • Location of the pond where at least 6 hours of sunshine can be available daily for better bloom.
    • Prepping the pond surface with an impermeable base to hold the water. Preformed liners can be installed for small spaces.
    • Natural pond water is recommended as water plants grow better in chlorine less water. Rainwater is also good if the pond water is not available.
    • Installation of a pump is recommended to avoid water stagnation.


    While installing a landscaping feature it is advised to seek advice from professional landscape designers and planners rather than going with DIY options. This way, you can give your property an expert touch.

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