8 Never-Known Facts About Floor Insulation You Need To Know

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Floor Insulation

The floors of a house suffer the major hit because of weather change. The air inside the house gets cooler because of the floors and the ceiling. This is why you need to ensure that the interiors of your house is properly insulted, starting from the windows to the walls and even the floors. 

Floor insulation is one of the basic requirements of every multi-storied house. Be it by laying a thick carpet over a marble floor to installing proper insulation on a wooden floor, this particular step is utterly essential for you.

But, before you hire a professional for insulating the floors, we think that there are certain things you need to know about the process. Isn’t it?

Certain Discussed Facts Will Help You In Knowing The Floor Insulation Process A Little More Or Not.

Floor Insulation

  • Insulating The Floors Will Help In Making The Rooms Warmer

The best part of installing floor insulation is that you can easily avoid getting room heater. The insulation is so thick that it blocks the heat of the room escape the area from the floor. Also, it prevents the coldness from the outside to enter the room. As a result it will help your feet to feel warmer since the floor will retain it’s heat. Along with this, the flooring insulation will help you to make the room overall hot. As a result, the ambiance of the internal residence will become warmer.

  • There Are Two Types Of Insulation Of The Floor
  • Now, indoor floor insulating processes can be of two main types.
  • Underfloor insulation is done between the basic  floor part and the constructed floor.
  • Above floor insulation is done between a subfloor designed on the top and the underneath actual floor.
  • The type of the insulation will depend on the design of the floor in your house.
  • Quality Of The Insulation Depends On The R Factor

R factor is a quality factor whose measure will tell you about the quality of the floor insulation. So, you need to make sure that you are choosing insulation with a higher R material.

  • Installing Of A Moisture Barrier Is Important Along With Insulation 

If your area is within high snowfall of hail storm zone, there will be high chances that your floor will allow the moisture to sleep into the rooms. As a result, even an insulation cover won’t be able to keep the room warmer for too long. This is why you need a moisture barrier. This is a type of flooring insulation which will prevent the moisture from seeping into the room’s interiors.

  • Floors Meant For Heating Must Be Insulated In Unidirectional Way

Floor Insulation

Sometimes, people install a floor which can be heated using electricity. If you have such floors, your insulation must be done in a way where the heat will enter the room and does not allow the heat to escape, when it is extremely cold outside. 

  • Above-Flooring Insulation Has Two Different Options
  • If you want an above floor insulation, you will have two options in terms of the choice of the material.
  • Cork is a natural fiber which is cheaper and quite easier to install.
  • Floor padding is a durable option. It is quite costly as compared to the cork.
  • Insulation Type Varies With The Floor Type

Now, someone’s house might have wooden floor while your friend might have a concrete floor. So, the type of the insulation substance will depend on the raw material of the floor.

  • You Need A Professional Help 

As tempting and adventurous it sounds, you cannot insulate your floors perfectly on your own. So in order to avoid any form of mishap, you will need a professional’s help. 

We hope that by now, half of your confusions regarding floor insulation are clear to you. So, choose the insulation type and material properly.

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