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    9 Tips on Boosting SEO Rankings on WordPress Site

    Introducing WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners

    As Technology arises as a trend in times of pandemic, this paves the way for digital marketing to gain more opportunities to promote their businesses through various search engine platforms. They make the most benefit out of it and are worthy of investment for their business to grow.
    Some may use a WordPress Site because it is SEO-friendly, making it less complicated. However, improving WordPress SEO provides some tips to boost your ranks on search engines. As per Digital Marketing Agency WebsiteFix, One of the most successful marketing tactics for attracting quality organic visitors to your company’s website is SEO. Keep making your title and meta description tags as good as they can be. You may achieve this by using the Yoast plugin in WordPress.

    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy promoting one’s business website in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc., making the website easier to find at the relevant search results.  The higher the ranking on the search engine results page, the more attention and attraction they get from people.

    The benefits of having a WordPress website with SEO

    WordPress is one of the most powerful website builder. The use of WordPress can be for building blogs, portfolios, business, and e-commerce websites. This site is popular because it is free, easy to use, flexible and adaptable.
    In technical terms, it is a content management system (CMS), giving the ability to create, store and share digital content. In relation, WordPress has some impressive features. They provide an experiential code base for SEO that helps to recognize the website to search engines, with higher chances of getting into the top organic rankings.

    Tips on Boosting SEO Rankings on WordPress Site

    1. Choosing a Web Hosting Provider Carefully
    A good web hosting provider can help in boosting your website’s rankings on the search engine results page. It offers website design, storage space on a host, and connectivity to the Internet. Thus, in choosing, it should be reliable and give an excellent performance in hosting your website. Some of the top web hosting providers are Dreamhost, Bluehost, and SiteGround.
    1. Optimizing your Theme for Search Engines
    The theme in your WordPress site fundamentally alters all of the pages search engines indexed from your site. Your theme should be “SEO Friendly.” Choosing this kind of theme should affect the site’s speed which is vital for improving your SEO.
    1. Choosing WordPress SEO Plug-ins
    WordPress SEO Plug-ins are pieces of add-on software installed on your site. It adds more features and functionality and promotes the boosting of higher rank in search results. Some of the best examples of WordPress plug-ins are Yoast SEO, Jetpack, and WooCommerce.
    1. Changing Permalink Structure
    They are permanent URLs pointing to your site’s pages and posts. It also serves as a reference link, making people’s search easier to find. Having clear and descriptive links produce better results in search engines and helps in getting a rank boost.
    1. Creating a Sitemap in XML
    The sitemap is a list of all contents and pages on the website in a hierarchical order. It designs to navigate the website. A sitemap lists a website’s most important pages and makes sure that search engines can crawl them. Therefore, adding this to a WordPress Site can be beneficial for SEO.
    1. The Use of Heading Tags in Your Content
    It provides a benefit to the content of your website, making it easier for readers to read your content. Crawlers usually pay attention to headers, and having these on your page makes it the reader easier to find your site based on the relevant results related to the topic.
    1. Choosing a Keyword to build your content
    Choose keywords that fit naturally for your website’s content. Avoid keyword stuffing which is a prohibited SEO technique. It manipulates a site’s ranking in Google search results and attempting to gain its unfair rank advantage. You can use a keyword generation tool as well for your WordPress site.
    1. Optimizing Your Images
    Optimizing Your Images affects the visual appeal of your website. It creates color and accuracy in your posts, making them more readable to the viewers. Make sure that all image files are named with keyword-rich titles, making it less difficult for the crawlers to indexing and understanding your website.
    1. Paying Attention to Long-form Contents
    Having a longer length to your content has an advantage in improving your SEO as search engines consider it useful than pages with shorter content do. It increases the quality of your posts. Moreover, to accomplish this, the content of its post should be rich and in-depth. Lastly, check the facts! 

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