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A Granny flat is also known as Accessory apartment, granny pod, accessory dwelling unit, in-law apartment, casita, ohana unit, carriage unit, in-law apartment, etc. This space is designed primarily to attend to not more than a couple of dwellers. It can stand alone or come attached to another dwelling. It could also be your garage conversion or merely a section of your home.

What Is The Basic Unit Of Measurement For A Granny Flat? 

Granny Flats

On average, a granny unit measures a mere 100 to 400 square feet. Although, they can shrink up to 80 square feet or expand up to 700 square feet. These flats can also be used for nannies or young adults in the family. Sometimes, these units are also upon rent. The popularity of granny flats has increased over the years, owing to the boost in multigenerational housing.

How Can Granny Flats Be Useful?

  • For starters, you could convert the tiny unit into a music or art studio where you can unleash the artistic beast living within you.
  • You can customize the designs and charge up your living space by including posh living designs, including divans, small sofas and also utilize any extra available space to arrange for a small balcony where you can plant small plants.
  • For those, you mainly work from home; the granny flat could become your Home office. This could help you focus on your work without any distractions, thus separating your personal and professional lives.
  • If you frequently host parties or invitations, the granny pod could behave like a guest room for additional accommodation. You could also bring in your aging parent and provide her with space. This will not only keep them safe but also happy. Being close to kids and other family members will bring them more joy. Furthermore, you can even reserve the space for caregivers and caretakers.
  • You can even rent out your granny flat to students or other tenants. This would, in turn, supplement your income and add some significant capital value to your land. 

Amenities In A Granny Flat

A granny flat is a miniature version of a full-sized house. Hence, it comes with all modern amenities like bathrooms and kitchens, with perhaps a mini-fridge or microwave. The granny flats even have a separate entrance. You can live in your granny flats in style with a proper system for all sorts of electrical appliances along with a split cooling and heating system for comfortable and convenient accommodation.

Cost Of Granny Flats

Granny Flats
prefab homes

Granny flats can have 1,2 or even three bedrooms depending upon the space you are willing to utilize. Typical one-bedroom accommodation can pinch your pockets by $85,000 to $100000 whereas 2 and 3 bedrooms can cost up to $130000 and between $150000 to $180000 respectively. Building a granny flat will cost you depending upon several factors like:

  • Style of construction. You can go for single or double-storeyed as and when required.
  • Focus on the extension or size of the granny flat.
  • The condition of the land.
  • The extent of amenities installed.
  • The range and kinds of furniture, appliances, materials, decors, and finished used to complete the granny flat. This would also include plumbing and electrical essentials.
  • The owner of the primary dwelling should also be the owner of the granny flats and they should adhere by the legal papers that apply to the building guidelines and the circumference of the granny flat.

Granny pods could be a great addition to your central accommodation, although, keep in mind that there are some risks involved. The capital could surpass your budget, and it could boost your property management cost. Moreover, you possess the final council approval.

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