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    All You Need To Know About AquaMAX Hot Water Service

    If we have to pick the best name in the business that offers the best heating, then AquaMAX should your first pick. The brand has been in the business since 1988 and has carved a niche in an Australian household. The company takes pride in providing a 5-star rated, energy-efficient hot water system. These systems are designed to provide efficient heating without consuming too much power while ensuring long-lasting performance. This blog covers all the details about the AquaMAX hot water service, its product line, and its features.

    AquaMAX Gas Storage Hot Water Service Systems

    • This is one of the most popular categories of AquaMAX.
    • Although the options are limited in this range but are suitable to meet the requirements of the regular Australian household.
    • You can find AquaMAX gas storage hot water service in 270L, 340L, and 390L units.
    • These are 5-star rated products guaranteeing energy-efficient performance.
    • The steel cylinder is what makes the product highly desirable in this range.
    • The steel cylinder allows you to store water at a higher temperature and keeps it warm for longer hours.
    • The company also offers a ten-year warranty on the product, so you need not worry about repairs.
    • When choosing a hot water system between 340L and 390L, you must know that there is a slight difference between the output in the first hour.
    • The smaller unit is more suitable for smaller households that have one or two people.
    • The AquaMAX hot water service systems require external installation.  Make sure that you contract only an authorized technician for this job.

    AquaMAX Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

    aquamax hot water service

    The next popular option that we have on our list is the electric storage system. It is also a popular category, but it consumes a lot of power, thus leading to an incraese in the power bill. Therefore, you have to be a bit careful and attentive while using it to keep the power bill in check. When you are contemplating the different options, you will find two variants in the same:

    • Stainless steel
    • Vitreous Enamel

    Electric Stainless Steel

    • This hot water system is available in the range of 80L to 315L.
    • This heating system is perfect for household usage.
    • The stainless steel systems are useful for storing hot water at a higher temperature.
    • Stainless steel is a durable material and lasts longer without corrosion or wearing.
    • Requires lesser maintenance, thus saving the cost of regular maintenance. However, you cannot remain completely oblivious to the aspect of maintenance and get it done periodically.
    • Another noticeable feature of the electric-powered AquaMAX hot water service is that it is lighter in weight. Thus installation becomes easier.
    • This heating system is also known for its efficiency; its range exceeds MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard), specified by the Government authorities.
    • You can save a lot on the power bill
    • This product also comes with a ten-year warranty

    Electric Vitreous Enamel

    AquaMAX Hot Water Service Melbourne

    • This model of hot water service system has been designed to suit the rural and metro requirements.
    • It comes with sacrificial anodes and enamel that are highly durable and long-lasting in almost all conditions.
    • You can explore the hot water system range between 50L and 500L.
    • AquaMAX offers a five or seven-year warranty on the electric vitreous enamel hot water system.
    • This is comparatively cheaper than the other models. But you might have to go for more frequent maintenance and repair when compared with other AquaMAX hot water service.
    • These are available in different designs, so you can choose the one that best matches your requirements and complement the surrounding.

    Final Thoughts

    By now, you would have gained insight into the different types of hot water service systems. So, the next time you are shuffling through the different options available in the market, add the AquaMAX hot water service system to your list. Make sure that you hire a professional technician for the installation, repair and maintenance work to ensure smooth performance and long life.

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