All You Need To Know About The Importance Of Landscaping

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Landscaping is more than just beautifying a yard. After all, even a barren yard may appear attractive with well-kept grass. Landscape design entails converting your yard into a lovely refuge while reducing human activities on the plants and surroundings.
While adding a few potted plants to your yard may instantly improve its appearance, the real benefit of Landscaping goes beyond one’s visual senses.

So, Why Should You Carry Out Landscaping Of Your Home?


In this section, we will specify some reasons why Landscaping could be more essential than you imagine. Read on to know further.

1. Economic Reasons

A well-landscaped property provides good monetary gains for property owners through:
a) Increasing the value of a property
Depending on the property’s original value, landscaping can increase its resale value by 14%. This means that for a house with a price of AUD 100,000, Landscaping can increase its resale value by AUD 14000. Thus, there is a considerable increase in the value of a well-landscaped property compared to a non-landscaped one.
You can’t grow a couple of shrubs or flowers and expect an increase in the value of your property. You need to have an organized coherent plan for your property. A well-manicured design is one of the most sought-after features that buyers look for while buying a new house. A well-landscaped property guarantees huge returns. How a house looks from the road can also influence the price a buyer might pay for it.
b) Reducing the cost of energy bills
During summer, not turning up the air conditioner can be unbearable. But instead of turning up the air conditioner and increasing your energy bills, you can just plant trees and grasses on your property. Because trees and grass make the air cooler. Especially, the grass is more suitable as its cooler compared to asphalt and cement. On the contrary, trees can also act as natural insulators and reduce the need to use a heater during winters. Thus, a well-landscaped property is also energy-efficient.

2. Health Reasons

A well-landscaped home provides positive mental and physical health benefits by
a) Lowering stress
Research has shown that just looking at the greenery of plants and trees, even though the window, can considerably reduce high blood pressure and stress levels. Thus, a well-landscaped home can improve your health and also boost the immune system.
b) Increasing attention span
Studies have shown that being around plants increases the attention span and concentration in individuals. Children with ADHD can greatly benefit from a well-landscaped home as they show reduced symptoms when surrounded by greenery. Thus, a well-landscaped home can improve cognitive function.

3. Environmental Reasons

Landscaping helps the environment by:
a) Improving the air quality
Plants and grass take in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. They also absorb pollutants and dust. This helps filter the air and improve the overall air quality. A lawn with a size of approximately 50’ x 50’ produces sufficient oxygen for four people.
b) Reducing noise pollution
A clever landscape design can help to reduce the noise pollution level as well. This is done by properly placing trees at a specific distance to act as noise barriers. Therefore, landscaping can be useful for both commercial and residential properties.

Final Words

It is vital to opt for sustainability when landscaping your property. In fact, sustainability makes a property more environment-friendly and cost-efficient. This is done by building a design around the existing landscape and choosing native plants and grass over exotic ones.
Native plants and grass can cope with seasonal changes better and reduce costs. They also require less maintenance and attention. In conclusion, a well-landscaped property has a significant positive effect on your home and well-being. Therefore, hiring a professional landscaper can help you reap maximum benefits for your property.

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