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Window Restoration

Heritage window restoration means reconstruction or repair of the historic windows. Heritage window restoration had gained importance over the past few decades. Historical monuments are the most important informative material which represents the history of our ancestors. To embellish our historic properties, their repair or reconstruction becomes very important over time.

Restoration work is carried out with the help of a group of people having knowledge and skill to restore the art of the historical materials. Restoration of historical places includes a building or a monument. It includes every minor detail of doors, windows, pillars, floor steps, etc.  When it comes to preserving the historic events all across the globe, heritage window restoration plays a vital role.

Factors to be kept in mind for Heritage Window restoration:

  • The woods used in the window of historical monuments are far better than the quality of wood used in the present day. Previously the woods were stronger than the present one they are more durable and very less prone to rot. So it will not be a good idea to replace the wooden window with the present one, but if it is necessary, the quality of wood must be checked thoroughly.
  • The pre-treatment of the wooden window is done, which is beneficial for the pulping process. So that the windows can be repaired without the replacement of wood.
  • The layer of paint on the windows is removed with the peeling process to restore the original detailing. It should be carried out very safely without damaging the minute detail of the window.
  • It is also vital to protect the glass of the window as it may contain some painting or carving on it, which makes the window specific or unique for historical purposes. The degenerated putty of the glass should be removed manually without damaging the wood of the window. Then a fresh layer of softened putty is applied to seal the glass with the window.
  • Decayed wooden windows can be restored by waterproofing, consolidating, patching and painting, bringing back their look and durability. Firstly the woods are dried, and fungicides are applied in the decayed areas. They are waterproofed with two or three layers of linseed oil. After that, the holes and cracks are filled up by the putty forming the skin of the wood are then painted to give a new look to the decayed windows.
  • Heritage window restoration plays a vital role in replacing sash or frame with new ones matching the original parts. Although this technique is more expensive because it is challenging to find a similar part having the best quality compared to the previous part. So repairing the frame is a better and cheap idea rather than replacing the whole.
  • Few steps for the preservation of the frame include maintenance of the frame regularly.  Splicing and stabilization techniques can be used on the damaged area. If the replacement is necessary, one should investigate the structure’s detailing and seek professional consultant advice.
  • The appearance and design of a historic building widely depend on its design and pattern. The pattern windows are the reflection of the art and architecture of an era. Before replacing any part, one should always consider the wood type, the colour of the window, the ratio of sash and frame, the design of the openings and its size.

Final Words

Since the very beginning, there was a demand for heritage window restoration. Even in today’s time, the restoration process plays a vital role in protecting the windows of demolishing historic buildings and monuments. In this restoration process, the reconstruction and repair of the windows are done with minute detailing. With this, maintaining buildings becomes easy with a systematic and skillful way.

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