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Rubies are one of the favorite stones and people can wear the ruby stone for their astrological remedy. This pink and red-blooded stone looks spectacular when turned into a piece of ruby jewelry. Let’s dive into the history and evolution of this adorable stone.
  • This stone is formed with a variety of aluminum oxide. This is one of the traditional stone and belongs to the family of emerald, sapphire amethyst, and diamond. The quality of a ruby is determined by its color, shape, and clarity.
  • Now, talking about Ruby’s evolution, it was first discovered in the first century AD. Roman scholar Pliny included the description of this stone in his Natural History. Ancient Hindu culture believed that if the rubies were offered to the God Krishna then he would grant the re-birth as emperors.
  • Later, the Ruby stone was associated with the birth of the western world. The European Royalty considered the Rubies as one of the most-significant gems owned by the upper-class. Many Europeans wore Rubies as a sign of health, wealth, wisdom and successful love life.
  • Apart from that, according to the astrological aspects, ruby stones are the symbols of sun and they can give you the shine like stardom. If you are in a public relation business such as acting, celebrity, human resource and writing then you can use ruby stone to get the success in your field.
Rubies are one of the most demanded stones for pieces of jewelry amongst ladies. Ruby Jewelry comes in various shapes and sizes. There are royal and antique Royal jewelry of Royal families across the globe which got auctioned and there were a plethora of bidders. Rubies come in different types and forms. Every type has its own history attached to it making it unique and priceless ruby jewelry. There are many fake stones sold in the name of original ruby jewelry. One can check the originality of the stone through its blemish marks.
  1. Burmese RubyThis is one of the excellent forms of Ruby gemstones available in the world. Burmese Rubies are found in Mayanmar and have a deep red color due to the chromium present in it. They are little expensive and you can use the Burmese ruby as astrological stone.
  2. African RubiesThese rubies found in parts of Africa are in purple-ish to dark red in color. They come in varied sizes and qualities. The finest of them is considered with dark-red color.
  3. Thai Ruby stoneThai rubies originate from the south-east of Bangkok. They come on the second position after Burmese stones. These rubies are dark-red colored due to the presence of a combination of iron and chromium. They are less expensive and easily available online.
  4. Tanzania Ruby StonesTanzania rubies are mined from Songea areas. They share a resemblance with hessonite stones due to its color. These rubies cost a little less as compared to the Thai and Burmese stones. The color intensity of these stones diminishes with its size. Therefore, the smallest size of this stone is most valuable.
  5. Madagascar Ruby GemstonesMadagascar is a great source of these ruby stones. These rubies found in Madagascar are new to the market. Therefore, they share the demand and position with the Burmese stones. These rubies are available in three different colors i.e. red, orange and natural red color.
Thus, we can conclude that there are some scintillating varieties of ruby jewellery available in stores. Even you can grab those from diverse online stores as well.
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