Are you planning to join Pilates Delahey? Here’s everything you need to know

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If you face such issues with your exercise routine, Pilates Delahey is the solution to make you fit and healthy again and also make exercising fun.

Exercising becomes monotonous and boring after some time which is one of the major reasons why people leave it half way. When you do the same exercise routine every single day, you do not enjoy the exercise but drag your body and hence as per a recent survey more than 55% of Australians do not meet the appropriate physical body requirement. They do not perform any exercise and thus remain unfit.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise that aims to improve the muscle strength, flexibility, and posture alignment of the body. It also strengthens the core while also working on the other muscles. This exercise is suitable for every person irrespective of age and gender. With more than six hundred varieties of activities that make the Pilates Delahey workout enjoyable.

The best part of the Pilates exercise is that you do not need any fancy equipment, it can be performed with or without the equipment. Pilates has something to offer everyone making it an exercise regime that is fit to be performed by pregnant women, athletes, and stressed people too.

Types of Pilates:

There are two types of Pilates.

Mat based Pilates:

As the name suggests, it is performed on the mat. This form of Pilates Delahey uses gravity to provide coordination and balance to the body. It strengthens the trunk of the body while working on the other muscles.

Equipment based Pilates:

The equipment-based Pilates incorporate the usage of equipment while doing exercises. This equipment works on the overall body of the person to provide fitness and strength.

Benefits of Pilates:

Pilates Delahey comes with a variety of advantages.

It improves the core strength

The core strength is necessary to provide stability to the body, and Pilates focuses on the core and all the other muscles surrounding the core. A strong core reduces back and hips pains. In this way, Pilates Delahey is beneficial for people suffering from acute back and hip pain.

It improves the posture

It is a known fact that most body pains starts due to incorrect posture. The slouching leads to several unbearable body pains. Pilates Delahey emphasizes on the proper alignment of the body. It corrects the posture by providing strength to the postural muscles and reducing pain caused due to incorrect posture.

It prevents injuries

The major drawback of most exercises is that they cause injuries to people. However, it is not the case with Pilates. It does not make muscles too loose or too tight. Its primary focus is to provide dynamic strength to the body. In this way, Pilates Delahey offers strength and flexibility without the risk of injury.

It reduces the stress

Pilates plays a crucial role in reducing mental and physical stress from the body. Unlike other exercises, Pilates emphasizes more on the breathing which lowers the Cortisol in the body and reduces stress. If you are fatigued because of the work, .


Every exercise requires some precautions, so you get the most benefit out of it. Here is the list of precautions for Pilates:

  • Wear proper clothing fir for Pilates while doing your exercises.
  • If you are obese, pregnant, or over forty years old, seek guidance from the doctor first.


In this way, Pilates will change the course of exercise for you. With different variations, you will do something new every day that will keep you interested. So what are you waiting for? Do join Pilates Delahey today.

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