Basic Guide To Daikin Air Conditioning Service

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Daikin Air Conditioning Service

Daikin is a well-renowned brand in air conditioners, and air purifiers backed up by the experience of more than 50 years. If you have a Daikin air conditioner installed in your residential or commercial property, then you must also consider investing in its repair and maintenance.

Every air conditioner needs periodic servicing to eliminate collected dust and other potential contaminants that might appear over time. Neglecting their servicing can lead to inefficient cooling, higher energy bills, higher repair bills and so on. So, it is recommended to go for Daikin Air Conditioning Service to keep your investment in the best working condition for years to come.

Firstly, let us make clear that doing a thorough servicing of air conditioners is not a DIY task. So, don’t attempt to get into it. However, there are certain things that you can do yourself regarding servicing of Daikin air conditioners. Get yourself familiar with basic parts of an air conditioning system before you get into its basic cleaning. Various parts of any air conditioning unit include a condenser, an evaporator, filters, ducts, thermostat, and registers.

Let’s get into the different aspects of Daikin Air Conditioning Service in detail:

  • Switch off the Power Supply: Before beginning the cleaning work, the first thing you need to do is turn off the unit power supply. There will be another weatherproof isolation switch near the outdoor unit, turn off that as well. Every outdoor unit of air conditioning system consists of a capacitor also that retains electrical charge. So, before you begin with cleaning work, allow the capacitor to discharge the stored electrical charge for 30-40 mins to avoid any risks or hazards.
  • Begin with Cleaning the Filters: The next step that you can do in Daikin Air Conditioning Service is cleaning the filters. This is something that you should do periodically. First, check whether your system has re-usable filters or disposable filters. If it has reusable filters, clean them by washing through running water and replacing the disposable ones. It is recommended to do this at least once in a month to maintain optimum air-conditioning system cooling. 
  •  Clean the Condenser: Now is the time to clean the condenser or the outdoor unit. A condenser consists of a large fan fitted in a metal box. As it is located outside, so it is likely to get dirty with all sorts of dried leaves, dust and debris. Also, its vents can face the same issue. Your work would be to make sure that it is clean and free from all this debris. Otherwise, your condenser can get damaged and will ultimately affect the system’s working.
  • Cleaning the Ducts: Next step is to clean the ducts, but for this, you need to call a professional. As most ducts are hidden in walls and ceilings, only a professional can carry out it’s efficient cleaning. Professional will look for any holes or seams in the ducts and repair them as required. Sometimes, ducts tend to accumulate moisture due to condensation. This leads to the growth of moulds inside the ducts. So, a professional will repair this issue also, if it exists.
  • In-depth Inspection: Besides, getting the ducts cleaned you would need a professional to upgrade your system, to do a thorough cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils, to make sure whether your system has accurate refrigerant charge or not, to check and tighten all electrical connections, to optimize the drains and to perform a thorough inspection of your system and recommend required repairs to enhance its longevity.

So, these are few basic things that you need to keep in mind while going for an air conditioning system, and for your Daikin system, you must connect with Daikin Air Conditioning Service.

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