Before You Opt For Epoxy Flooring, Recognize Diverse Types Of Epoxy Flooring

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You must have already researched on various types of flooring that you can opt for under your budget and epoxy flooring must have stood out as the best option because it is cheaper compared to other flooring options. Many people simply book a contractor for laying epoxy flooring without knowing the facts about epoxy coating. In this blog we will be highlighting the three main base type and some majorly asked questions about epoxy flooring.

Here Are The 3 Base Types of Epoxy Flooring:

Whatever different types of epoxy flooring you come across, they are either solid, water based or solvent centered epoxy floor coatings. So let’s understand each one of them in detail:

Solid centered epoxy floor coating

This epoxy flooring uses hardeners to create a solid layer of epoxy so that it can withstand any type of wear and tears for at least 20 years. This is a perfect flooring option for commercial spaces like warehouses, industries, factories that have heavy machineries and high foot traffic. They are also used in parking spaces for malls, offices, schools, garages, etc. this floor coating makes a very thick layer over the concrete surface and it can keep your floor protected from heavy impact.

Water centered epoxy floor coating

This epoxy flooring does not use any hardeners like solid centered epoxy flooring, and it is a mix of sealer and a primer. This makes a thin  on the concrete surface and it is user friendly than solid coating. Water centered epoxy flooring does not last as long as solid flooring but it can give a decorative look with  a shine and gloss to the concrete surface, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. Because of this layer, you may have to apply another layer after a couple of years. In terms of pricing water centered epoxy flooring is cheaper than solid centered epoxy flooring, and you can use it in your home.

Solvent centered epoxy floor coating

It uses solvents which contains volatile organic compound (VOC) making it less preferred due to its chemical content which is not good for health. Many people like to use this epoxy floor coating for their home because they can easily install this coating with their DIY tools. But it is not recommended as it is not user and environment friendly at all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring:

Based on the above mentioned base epoxy flooring coats, the different types of epoxy floor coating are made and used as per the requirements.

Below we have mentioned some majorly asked questions by customers about epoxy flooring:

  1. Is the epoxy flooring waterproof? Epoxy floor coatings are not porous and do not have any gaps because it is a single layer of coating. It is completely waterproof.
  2. Which parts of the house can the epoxy flooring suitable for? Epoxy flooring can be done in any part of the house, and you can install it in your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements etc. as it is easy to clean and you do not have to worry about any stains or damage.
  3. Can epoxy floor coating work on any surface? Epoxy flooring has an amazing bonding feature and it settles well with any type of flooring surface, even if you have hardwood, concrete, tiles, vinyl flooring etc. epoxy will enhance the overall look of your flooring.
  4. How long does it take to apply the epoxy coating on the floor? The best part about the epoxy floor coatings is that they are very easy and simple to apply and it dries very quickly. So the entire process will not take more than a day.


Epoxy flooring is one of the most easiest flooring options that does not even cost you much  and you can contact a reputed epoxy flooring contractor to get the best quotes.

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