Benefits of Social Media Trend “Unpackaging” for your Product

Kate Westall
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When your Product Packaging is unpacked on social media, it is seen by a lot of people. These people can become your customers if the experience is good enough.
Unboxing means getting a new product and taking it out of the box. The process also involves reviewing its specifications, benefits, and drawbacks. It is also called a hands-on experience. These reviews are watched by millions of people daily on different social media platforms. But the most popular platform for product reviewing is YouTube. YouTube has channels having millions of subscribers. People watch reviews of products ranging from jewelry to smartphones and LCDs.
The owner of a channel or a member of his or her team review the product. They do not have to spend their own money very often because companies send them their products for a review. They unpack them and describe the specifications to the general public. They also tell whether you should buy the product or look somewhere else.
For instance, take a typical smartphone unboxing uploaded on YouTube. Usually, the video starts with music with the logo or stills and snippets taken from the previous videos. The reviewer then describes the product he or she is going to review. The Product Packaging is opened after that, accessories are shown, and the very last, a long review of the smartphone comes up.
It is not just a marketing strategy. Reviews do serve a purpose. They help customers decide about products. But how do these unpacking videos help companies?
Helping consumer actually means helping your business. An advantage of unboxing videos is that help consumers about spending their money. The reviewer tells customers about all the details of the product being reviewed. When consumers become familiar with details of the product, it is easy for them to decide whether they should buy your product or not. Unboxing Product Boxes USA is really popular on social media.
And that is good because you are creating an informed customer base for your brand. The next time when a customer sees products of another brand, they can make a comparison easily. Comparisons are of great help for purchasers since they let them know which brands are suitable for them and which are not.
Marketing at Reduced Costs
Millions of people are on the internet today. Almost all of them are on social media too. Hence, when your Custom Product Packaging is unboxed on the internet, either through a video or an article, you are getting promoted at a very low cost. Usually, you just need to send a few samples to popular reviewers and they unbox your product in front of their audience.
Sending only a few samples to some popular websites and channels will let you reach a large audience. If you compare that traditional marketing, the costs are very low. Companies are always trying to reduce their costs. One way of doing it is to upload unboxing experiences on the internet.
High returns
In today’s fast-paced world, people have hectic work routine and do not have the time to visit stores and check and buy products themselves. Hence, they prefer others checking them out and informing them about the quality of the merchandise they want.
Unboxing Product Boxes Wholesale serves this purpose very well. Customers can sit at one place and check from their device how a product fares. They do not even have to visit the market since they can order the product online easily. Given these elements involved, it is not difficult to see that online unboxing is beneficial for generating conversions.
If your product has good standards, the reviewer will talk about it positively. And that positive review is all you want. Customers visit those websites and channels that they like and trust. If their favorite channels are praising a product, they will definitely consider buying it.
Reputation Builder
Online reviews and unboxings improve the reputation of a company. Customers can see that the business is confident enough to give their products to be checked and commented upon by a third party.
Consumers do not trust a brand until its products have been properly reviewed by a credible reviewer. Whenever new products are launched, customer are waiting for their reviews to be put on the internet. For instance, whenever a new smartphone is launched, people want to upgrade to it.
But before doing that, they want to know whether that upgrading is worth it or not. Hence, watching or reading a review serves as an important guideline for them. If the product is unboxed and impresses the consumers, they will like to try it for themselves.
Since many of these customers are only purchasing through the internet, gaining their trust proves to be more difficult than those who visit your physical stores. And to have their trust, you need to show them the product you have made. Having their trust will increase the sales of your products and can make you a credible brand in the market.
Social media unpacking is a very popular trend these days. It assists consumers to become clear in their choices. But it does not assist consumers only. It also helps businesses achieve spectacular growth rates because of the social media exposure.
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