Best Things You Must Know About Cancun

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If you thought, you know everything about the Caribbean Coast. In order for you to learn more about Cancun. Despite its turquoise waters, palm-lined coastlines, and comprehensive hotels. Here we’ve put up a list of things you might not know! Book Delta flights to visit this amazing city.

What are the amazing Facts About Cancun?

  • Mexico’s easternmost point is an island. This island is known as Isla Mujeres. It is only a short boat journey from Cancun. The barrier reef is located right across from the city. It is a noteworthy region. This region of Quintana Roo is Mexico’s easternmost point. This point of the territory is at its southeast tip.
  • Cancun is famous tourist attractions of the nation. Cancun accounts for 25% of the country’s tourism earnings. The city beaches welcome many tourists each year. There is diverse range of attractions. Even you can enjoy exceptional weather here.
  • This city has the biggest exhibits of Mayan artifacts. The largest collection of Mayan artifacts is present here. Here, you can also explore the San Miguelito Archaeological Zone.
  • Artifacts from nearby Mayan sites are kept at the museum. It provides a distinctive window into the hundreds of years-old Mayan civilization. So, it is formerly called the region home.
  • Due to its unique facts, Cancun is a famous tourist spot. Even, it is another intriguing fact about the city. In order to profit from tourist-related income. The Mexican government purposefully selected the Cancun region. Even it also funded a tourism development project.
  • The Mexican government looked for places in the late 1960s. The resorts, hotels, and other tourist draws could be developed but not in any other way. Cancun, which was chosen despite being practically deserted. It is now the most popular tourist destination in the nation. To visit this place best option is Delta Flight. Delta airlines Flight ticket is easily available for this location.
  • There is abundant biodiversity in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. It is naturally home to a wide variety of marine species. The reef is home to a surprising 350 kinds of mollusks. There are 65 varieties of stony coral. There is home of over 500 species of fish.

Regrettably, a large number of reef inhabitants are at risk of extinction. American crocodiles, magnificent toadfish are the species that require protection. The reef is home to one of the biggest manatee populations in the world. It is another fascinating fact. Among this group is the West Indian Manatee, which is in danger.

  • The underwater museum is another top point of the city. There are numerous fascinating things in Cancun. It is a fully submerged museum. There are a variety of sculptures at this museum. Other exhibits you can explore here. It is also known as the Museo Subacuático de Arte in Spanish.
  • Cancun has the country’s second busiest airport. This is an interesting information about Cancun. It is a huge surprise. So, you can understand how popular the location is for tourists. Cancun airport receives over 30 million passengers. Around 50 million people visit the city.


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