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    Check Out The Classification Of Electrical Cords

    Electrical cords  are the cords that help transfer the current. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the term electrical cord. From which you can get a basic idea about the concept and the type of cords available in the market.

    What Do You Mean By Electrical Cords?

    Electrical cords refer to the cords which transfer the current from electrical board to electrical appliances. Such cords are made with the help of aluminum or copper. There are many types of cords that have their own sets that complete the entire system of the cords. Some of the cord sets are sockets, plugs, and electrical wires. These cords save a person from accidents.

    What Is The Capacity Of Such Cords?

    Everything has its capacity. When we talk about the capacity of the cord then it is described by the gauge of the wire’s length. The wire’s thickness affects the current. Whereas its length describes the voltage drop. Through this one can know about the capacity of the electrical cords. 

    The rating of the gauge is a number that is determined by the American Wire Gauge. It is a standard system of numbering. If the number of the wire is thicker then it determines its thickness.

    How Can You Classify The Electrical Cords?

    When it comes to the classification of the electrical cords then many things come under this.

    • Some of the types are: Communication cable, Flexible cables, Direct buried cable, Heliax cable, multicore cable, paired cable, ribbon cable, portable cord, single cable, shielded cable, coaxial cable, etc.
    • Twin lead is also a type of electrical cord which is known as the 300 Ω line.
    • The portable cord is used for ac applications.
    • Shielded cable is one of the most sensitive cables for high voltage appliances.
    • The ribbon cable is the one that can be helpful in many of the wires. Such cables are flexible and get their design for the appliances of low voltage.
    • Twisted pair is also a type of electrical cord which includes two insulated wires.
    • Paired electrical cords are the cords which are for low voltage appliances.
    • Multicore is the cable that consists of many of the wires and has the protection of jacket cable.

    Above are some of the types of electrical cords. You can use some of the cords according to your use. These cords will give different uses according to their nature. Some cords are built with references to the voltage. And with the voltage capacity, you can handle the type of cord.

    How Do These Electrical Cords Get Rated?

    Many things can be taken into consideration while rating the electrical cords. Some of the things are kilovolts, voltage, etc. With the help of this one can rate the electrical cords.

    There are some of the factors which are essential while rating the electrical cord. These are:

    • Plug
    • Connector
    • Wire

    The one which gets the lower rating determines its rating. Such a rating helps in the identification of its origin. You can easily rate the cords on the above of the three bases.


    Electrical cords are the one that especially protects the person from the current. These wires can transfer the current from one place to another. From above you can easily classify which type of cord is designed for which appliances. You have to apply the cord according to the voltage. If there is a high voltage you can use a shielded cable and for the low voltage you can choose ribbon cable or paired electrical cords.

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