Choosing Authorized Service Center For BMW Repairs And Service

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People spend a lump sum to buy luxury cars like BMWs. These automobiles are known for their gorgeous body, high mileage, superior performance, and hi-tech features. BMWs are dream machines and can be purchased from showrooms and dealerships. But what is important is the maintenance and care of these machines. For smooth functioning and longer life of BMWs, it is important that you maintain the car on a regular basis and repair it on time from the right place. You must visit authorized service centers for BMW repairs and service as you will find trained and qualified mechanics and genuine automobile parts here.

Why to Choose Authorized Service Center?

It can be confusing for BMW owners to consider which place to select for the BMW repairs and service. Choosing between authorized service centers or local garages can be a matter of confusion. But here are some points that you must consider that support sending the automobile to service centers only:

  • Automobiles like BMW are expensive, and it is very important that you find the experts to take care of your most prized possession. At local garages, you have the task of finding the mechanic who is skilled, trained and whom you can trust to handle the automobile. This is not the case when you are visiting dealership or authorized service centers. They have the most talented and trained employees to repair and maintain the BMW. All mechanics here are selected after rigorous training and certification and they know well about the technicalities of all models of BMW.
  • Automobiles today come equipped with the latest technology. BMWs have the most advance electronic system including ECU, ignition, fuel systems etc. Visiting authorized service centers for BMW repairs and service ensures that your automobile is taken proper care of. Local mechanics might not have the knowledge or expertise to handle such high technology.
  • A car under warranty must be sent to authorized service centers only as parts that need to be changed must be done within the warranty period and such original parts are only available in an authorized service center and not in a local garage.
  • Local garages don’t provide specialized services or may not be well versed with one brand. This is the reason which is enough to send your BMW to authorized service centers only.
  • When you go to an authorized service center for BMW repairs and service, you get the service history. This can help you to get a good resale value for your old car.
  • One major advantage of getting the BMW repairs and service from authorized service center is that you get only genuine parts. The parts used to replace the old and broken ones come with at least two years warranty. So, you get quality service and save money with warranty parts.
  • As you get BMW approved consumables from the authorized service centers, you get the assurance of safety. Many local garages don’t use BMW approved parts and the risk of accidents and malfunction increases greatly.

 Finding Qualified BMW Mechanic

Apart from BMW authorized service centers, there are independent BMW mechanics where you can take your car for BMW repairs and service. The BMW mechanics trained and experienced under the company for years have the opportunity to work independently. It is vital to identify them.

A BMW repair shop must specialize in the brand BMW and so must have all the tools and equipment need to repair and service the automobiles of the brand. They must have specialized diagnostic computers and software like GT1, SSS etc. They must have their hands on only genuine BMWs or OEM parts for the repair and maintenance. Professionals with certifications from automotive affiliation bodies like ASE are worthy of visit. A BMW Master Certified Technician is one who has completed BMW STEP and has at least five years’ experience working on BMW vehicles at authorized service center or dealership. You can visit repair shops which have such trained mechanics for your BMW.

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