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    Core Benefits of Using Powder Coated Fence Posts

    The procedure of powder coating differs from the simple painting process in many aspects. The powder coating is applied to the aluminum used in manufacturing gates and decorative fences. First, they provide powder particles electrostatic charge and then spread uniformly over the surface of aluminum rods. Then these rods are heated to melt the powder, which chemically creates a stable bonding with aluminum.  Therefore, the powder coated fence posts are more preferred than ordinary painted metal fencing, for the several benefits of installing the former option.

    Fundamental Reasons For Choosing Powder Coated Fence Posts:


    • Decorative look – House owners can choose any colour while selecting the shade of powder coating for their aluminum fencing. Thus, they can customise their fences according to the colour scheme and architectural style of the external walls of their homes. The high-quality finish of powder coated fence posts provide an aesthetic look to the entire property, which is not marred by harsh sunlight or snowfall. The installation of powder coated aluminum fences in commercial properties renders a smart and professional look.
    • Better durability – As the powder coating protects the aluminum body of fences from all damages, this fencing easily lasts for many decades. Aluminum is not affected by rust even after remaining exposed to moisture for a long time. Hence, the life expectancy of powder coated fence posts is much more than the ordinary painted fences of wrought iron or wood. The lightweight of aluminum is another reason for the greater longevity of this fence than heavy steel posts.
    • Low maintenance – The cleaning procedure of the powder coated aluminum fences is very simple and may need to do only once in six months. House owners only need to wash these fences with soap and water, to remove the accumulated dust and pollen grains. Since the original colour of the powder coated fence posts cannot fade due to UV rays, fences do not need repainting even after many years. The powder coating makes the aluminum fences resistant to chipping, scratches, and the attack of fungi or other microorganisms.
    • More cost-effective – The cost of aluminum is much lower than other materials used for fencing. Since the procedure of powder coating is very simple and fast, the cost of powder coated fence posts remains affordable for common people. No extra charge is needed for the installation and maintenance of these fences, as house owners can easily install the fences and just need to occasionally wash these posts with water.
    • Safe for the environment – Safe procedure is used for power coating of the aluminum fences, which does not emit heat or harmful gas into the surrounding atmosphere. Moreover, the power coated fence posts are safer than painted fences, as they often use hazardous chemical paints for coating the wooden or iron fencing. These aluminum posts can be recycled even after many years and can be put into other uses, saving natural resource.

    It is best to contact reputed fencing contractors, who can provide high-quality aluminum fences with powder coating to their customers. Normally, the price is quoted for each fencing post and people can buy as many posts required for enclosing their premises. Sometimes, powder coated vinyl and wooden fencing are also available, which may be costlier than the aluminum ones. The process of powder coating is the same for all materials and more or less you can avail the same benefits from all types of fences thermally coated and sealed with powder. Check this article to know the multiple benefits of powder coated fences and decide accordingly.

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