Dahua Intercom: All You Need to Know Before Buying

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An intercom is an electronic device that facilitates two-way communication via sending and receiving only audio or audio and video transmissions. They were a very popular communication device till a few years back. However, innovations and technological advancements have seen the introduction of more modern communication devices leading to the reduced importance of intercoms. However, there are some areas of application where the usage of intercoms continues to remain strong.

The intercom manufacturing sector has some of the world’s biggest brands investing huge sums to design intercoms that are upgraded and equipped with the latest technology. This is done to keep them relevant in today’s world. One such product that is still in high demand worldwide is the Dahua intercom.

Dahua Technology: a pioneer in security solutions

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. Ltd, also popularly known across the globe as Dahua Technology, is the world leader in providing high-quality video-centric smart IoT solutions and services. True to its motto, “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, the company has constantly delivered on its promise to create customer-centric security-related products, including the Dahua intercom that adhere to the highest standards and ensure its users of a safer and more secure environment.

Benefits of a Dahua intercom

  1. Creates seamless connectivity- The Dahua intercom is an audio and electronic video device that enables easy and seamless communication between homeowners and visitors.
  2. Enhances the security- They are widely used in homes and small and large apartment buildings and help the homeowners to screen the people wanting to enter their homes. They are also extensively used in larger residential facilities, including gated communities, by the personnel at the property management centre
  3. Get the audio, and visual update- The double facility offered by the Dahua intercom providing audio and visual footage is of immense help to the homeowner in maintaining safety on his property. While the audio footage facilitates communication with the visitor, the visual footage lets the owner see who is at the door or gate.

Incorporating CCTV and an alarm system into the Dahua intercom setup increases its security features in multiple ways. Also, the intercom management system comes with unique features and apps that can be accessed through both the PC and mobile.

While the PC client allows the security personnel manning the property management centre to keep an eye on and monitor movements in the entire residential area that comes under their purview, the mobile app is a handy feature that the homeowners use to see who is at the door even if they are not physically present in their home.

Range of available Dahua intercom products

Dahua Technology has introduced a wide range of Dahua intercom products in the global market that caters to a variety of specific requirements of the target consumer. Their line-up includes:

  • IP series

A Dahua intercom from the IP video Intercom series offers a complete security solution for homeowners. The IP video intercom comes as a packaged kit that consists of several elements. The kit includes an IP outdoor setup with a 2 MP wide-angle camera that gives the homeowner a clear view of the visitor. This facility is available even if it is dark outside as the camera is fitted with night vision.

The indoor setup includes a monitor screen, among other elements. This greatly enhances the security detail of the Dahua intercom. Besides the camera, the setup includes a two-way microphone that enables the homeowner to communicate verbally with the person at the door. The outdoor equipment is in a protected casing that keeps it safe from theft or vandalism.

  • Wi-fi

The outdoor equipment of a Dahua intercom supported by Wi-Fi consists of a 1 MP camera and a two-way microphone. Unlocking the door with a remote, thus enabling the visitor to enter the home, is an added feature.

  • 2-Wire series

While most 2-wire intercoms support only audio transmission, the Dahua intercom supports visual communication and allows remote unlocking of the door.

  • 4-Wire series

This premium quality security equipment consists of a 2 MP camera with night vision, a two-way microphone, and a doorbell to indicate the presence of a visitor, besides other elements.


A Dahua intercom with its audio and video features, is one of the most highly-rated surveillance devices used extensively across the globe. With multiple safety features and customer-friendly usage, this device is certainly one product you must aim to own to ensure your home is fully protected.

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