Different Mother’s Day Traditions Around The Globe

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Mother’s Day

The trend of celebrating Mother’s Day started in the United States where it is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May. The day starts mostly with the delivery of flowers for Mother’s Day to make the mothers feel good!

The children try to find the best Mother’s Day gifts for their moms and arrange something special only for them, like a meal with the entire family or an outing to exotic places or even maybe to the mall.

Honouring mothers is a great way to get their blessings for a better future. For this, there are a lot of different traditions followed by people throughout the world.

Each country has a different way to show affection and gratitude towards their mothers and all of them are equally unique and special in their ways.

Just like in the United States, Mother’s Day is considered a holiday and an important day worth celebrating.

Here Is A List Of Four More Countries That Worship Their Mothers In Different Possible Ways!

Mother's Day.


Everyone is aware of the rich heritage and culture of India. Another fun fact is that, in India, goddesses are prayed more than gods which mothers are highly worshipped in the country.

In October every year, a 9-day festival known as Navratri in the west and Durga Puja in the eastern part of India is celebrated. Navratri, which translates to ‘nine nights’ is a festival where nine different goddesses are worshipped on the nine days.

This tradition was first observed in the sixteenth century and is going on to date. This is not only meant for religion and tradition, but it is also a time when families get together and have fun with each other.

This nine-day festival eventually leads to the tenth day called Dussehra where goddess Durga ends the evil power to give rise to positivity! This tradition indicates the beginning of something new every year.


World war II ended with a lot of lost lives. Everyone lost their close ones, especially mothers who lost most of their sons. At that time, people started following this new tradition known as the ‘Right Flowers’.

In Japan, every year during the march holiday, there used to be an exchange of carnations between young children and mothers who lost their sons in the war. Carnations are a symbol of the endurance a mother has to face and yet the sweetness she has within herself.

Initially, children gave red carnations to mothers who were alive and held a white one if the house was without a mother. But these days, white has become more of traditional color and is seen throughout the country.


Mother's Day

Ethiopia celebrates a festival called ‘The Antrosht’ which falls at the beginning of the fall there, just after the rains. It is celebrated only when the weather is completely clear.

This is sort of a family reunion after all the heavy rains. It is a tradition that the daughters will bring in the cheese and a lot of vegetables and the sons of the family will get meat for everyone who is attending the meal.

The entire family prepares the meal together and sings and dances all day and night. In between, the elders make sure to talk about the stories of the heroes in the family.


After world war I, the number of men decreased considerably. This is why, when a woman helped rebuild the population, she was awarded medals by the government of France.

After the second world war ended, the last Sunday of May was declared as the Day of Mothers, meant only for mothers. Instead of awarding the mothers with medals, the day is now celebrated with a flower-shaped cake and a lot of celebrations.

All these traditions are celebrated with the same motive – to celebrate motherhood. All the different regions and countries believe in the fact that mothers are important and hold a place that is higher than others.

These traditions showcase the importance of mothers in all our lives. Apart from these regional traditions, it is also a moment of rejoicing to celebrate Mother’s Day with Mother’s Day Cake Delivery at the time of the occasion.

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