Drop-In And Spray-On Bedliners

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Bedliners or truck bedliners are products that serve the purpose of protecting the inside of a truck bed from any destruction and damage.  It is very important for a truck to get a protective coating for the bed of the truck as it is going to face a lot of traffic and abuse, especially if the truck is out for a very long trip and goods are going to be loaded and unloaded regularly during the trip.That’s why it’s important to get a bed liner to defend your truck and investment.  The lining surface also keeps the cargo in place as it serves as a skid-resistant surface. There are different kinds and types of these bedliners.

The Two Broad Categories Of Bedliners

The Bedliners Trucks Are Classified Into Two Categories, The Drop-In And Spray-On.


Drop-In Bedliners –The drop-in or plastic bedliners are the most common to be used and popular because it is very fast and easy to get them installed. There are no major modifications to make except some drilling of holes in the desired areas to hold the lining in place. These truck bedliners are easy to apply on the truck bed as there is no need to make any preparation. They can be simply removed for cleaning and are made of a polyethylene composite. When camped to Spray-on bedliners, the cost is pretty reasonable for the drop-ins. These can be removed easily as and when needed and for cleaning purposes.

Spray-On Bedliners – These bedliners need specific preparation, and the surface of the inner side of a truck has to be cleaned and prepared accordingly to allow the coating to dry and adhere correctly. If the coating is better and adheres well, it will last for long and serve the purpose well. Spray-on bedliners are available in varying formulations and crated with different process methods such as aromatic or aliphatic, high or low pressure, or hybrid and solvent base.  These bedliners can be applied cartridge driven pressure or by roller or even with a high-pressure machine. You can get the colour of the bedliner for pickup to match that of the vehicle. Performance relies greatly on the quality and the process of careful application. However, fading of colour due to exposure to harsh sunrays and ultraviolet rays is inevitable.  Aromatic Spray-on bedliners are the least expensive option and are used for darker colours.

A Comparison Of The Two Bedliners


A comparison of both types of bedliners, it is evident that each comes with its pros and cons. While the Drop-in bedliners are cheaper and easier to install, they have certain weak points. For instance, it doesn’t protect the inner bedsides so well and can trap water between the liner and the bed.  That extra water and moisture can lead to rust or corrosion. It is possible that the plastic version of the Drop-in bedliner becomes loose quickly, and that can fail the purpose of protecting the bed floor of the truck.

As for the spray on bedliners, it is indeed more time consuming to get them unsalted as there is lots of proportion to make. Moreover, they turn out to be a lot more expensive than Drop-in bedliners. Still, performance-wise they are superior as they have a lot of benefits to offset those higher costs. For example, the spray-on bedliner is much more durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it can lower that traveling noise, and you need not get anxious about any trapped water or corrosion. As for choices, there are much more options available when it comes to spray-on bedliners as there are different colours and textures. As for the coverage, you can be sure that you have everything covered, including the bed, the bedrails, and tailgate. Thus, no more of those scratches and missing paint anymore!

Go ahead and shop for bedliners plus accessories based on your needs and budget and weigh the pros and cons of your choices.

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