Dry Cleaning Curtains – Your Way of Clean and Undamaged Curtains

Kate Westall
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Curtain cleaning is one of the most confusing cleaning task for homeowners. Why? This is because curtains are made of heavy fabric and delicate lace. You cannot just shove your curtains into washing machines. Doing that would be the curtain’s one-way ticket to disaster. Churn your curtains in the whirlpool of soapy water and you are sure to get a heap of ruined fabric. If you decide to just dust them, you would not be able to get rid of all the dust.
With continuous exposure to the outside world through the open windows, there is a lot of mold and dust accumulated over it with time. Also, there will be stains due to daily usage. You accidentally spill wine or touch the curtains with ketchup soaked hands or any such lapse in carefulness. You cannot just get rid of stains on curtains just like you do with clothes. You may damage the fabric and leave the stain there permanently. With all these, it is clearly obvious why curtain cleaning is a difficult task. That is where the idea of dry cleaning curtains dawns over every homeowner. Professional dry cleaning is an easy and simple way to get clean curtains and not worry about damaging them. Apart from that, there are other benefits of dry cleaning curtains instead of self-cleaning it:
  • Detailed inspection: Any professional dry cleaner will conduct a detailed inspection of the curtain fabric before treating it with chemicals. If there are any minute stains or defects, they would repair it if possible and if there is any wear and tear, they point it out to the owners ask them to get it mended. All these minor flaws are not even visible to inexperienced eyes. So, they go unnoticed and then escalate into big flaws.
  • Odour removal: This is an important factor of dry cleaning curtains. If you clean your curtains by yourself, you will just be able to scrape off the dirt and mold using your vacuum cleaner. But, as curtains are used regularly, they tend to accumulate all the stench and aromas released around it. Thus, in the long run, it itself starts to stink. For this dry cleaning curtains is necessary as it releases the curtains of all its stench and the curtains return home smelling all fresh and new.
  • Removes yellow patches: If you do not get your curtains dry cleaned, some stains and some kind of mold stuck on the curtain can oxidise and start yellowing the curtain fabric. This generally happens when there are stains from oily food items. Now we all know how difficult it is to get rid of these yellow patches. Dry cleaning works like a miracle on these patches. So, you do not have to freak out the next time you spot yellow patches on your curtain. Just take them down and deliver it to the dry cleaners. You can count on getting rid of ground-in stains as well with dry cleaning.
  • Zero damage to the curtain fabric: The dry cleaning of curtains is done using specific chemicals that are soft on the curtain fabric and hard on the stains at the same time. The curtains are gently cleaned and you get your curtains as good as new every time they are dry cleaned. Detergent may damage the fabric but dry cleaning will never. The process in turn extends the life of the curtains and prevents the fabric from becoming dull.
These benefits are more than enough for any homeowner to understand why dry cleaning curtains is the simplest way for having clean and crisp curtains over all the windows.
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