Essential Things to Know about Brake Repairs

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With the rise in use of automobiles on the roads in today’s world, it is understandable that the problems related to automobiles have risen too coincidently. Brakes are one of the most essential parts of the car, alongside the engine, and brake system can be affected by wear and tear. Therefore Brake repairs are a very common requirement in today’s world. You may require to change the brake pads and you can also repair the total brake system if needed. This is a safety tool of your car and you must consult with the brake repairs for any kind of issue.

Symptoms of a damaged breaking system

The first step to initiating a break repair is to determine when the braking system is damaged. A worn out braking system can be detected by some common sign and symptoms, and if you find the issue at an early stage then you can easily save your repairing cost.

  • Brake squeals or grinding noises are sounds often associated with a damaged or worn out braking system. It can be caused by misaligned brake pads vibrating, or lose of tension in the spring clips, or alternatively miss-fitting of the brake pads into the calipers.
  • Whatever the reason, squeals and squeaks are one of the most common and earliest signs that a car requires a brake repair.
  • Often in advanced cases, you can find some severe grinding noise whenever you start your car. This happens due to the metallic back end of the completely worn out breaking pad coming in contact with rotor producing the clanging sound.

How would you find the exact problem of your brake system?

Hydraulic braking problems: if there is a leakage or disturbance in braking fluid or braking oil, the brake feels uncommonly non responsive to the foot, and in such cases, drivers need to press the brake twice or trice to stop the car. Even you cannot able to control your car with the damaged brake system and you need to check the brake fluid on time.

Mechanical braking issues: mechanical braking issues are most commonly characterized by the car unnaturally shifting to a particular side, i.e right or left on application of the brakes. This is also a symptom for steering issues, so careful examinations are needed in this regard.

Steps performed in a Brake repair

A brake repair usually involves either replacing of the worn out brake pads with new ones, proper alignment of loose brake pads, or changing of the brake fluid oil.

  • Changing of brake pads: Like all other mechanical components of a car, brake pads also undergo gradual wear and tear. The longevity of brake pads depends on a number of factors. Firstly it depends upon the type of car, as larger and heavier ones require a much larger force to bring the car to a complete halt. The second factor is the location and style of driving. Driving in busy urban areas typically involved stopping at traffic signals continuously, promoting quicker wearing down of the brake pads. Overall in a brake repair, the damaged or worn out pads are replaced by newer ones.
  • Changing of brake oil: brake fluids are not necessarily to be changed frequently as they per Se do not get “worn out” as other braking system components. However they do undergo gradual change in their chemical composition, with increase in acidity and copper content over prolonged use. This can cause damage to the components of the braking system, especially the modern anti-locking braking Systems which have costly parts and are harder to replace. Therefore it may be prudent to keep a check on the braking fluid.

Brake repairs have now become a necessity with larger and heavier cars being used every day combined with the increased traffic in the urban areas which put excess strain on the brakes. They are a necessity and they ensure the smooth running of cars and prevention of accidents.

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