Fun facts about Dubai That You Must Know Before Moving Here

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Fun facts about Dubai That You Must Know Before Moving Here
F94503 The beauty panorama of skyscrapers in Dubai Marina. UAE
Dubai is the UAE’s heart, popular for all its trendy and tasty factors. Also, the city serves you luxury dining options, exhilarating sports and abundant entertainment options. While mornings are all about hiking up the hills, Dubai comes to life with a vibrant dine-in, events, and exhibitions as the sun goes down. Honestly, all the brimming laneways, classic communities and decent food scenes are enough to make someone stay here forever. If you’re seeking apartments for sale in Dubai UAE to settle in the city,

Here’s what you must know about Dubai. 

  • A Secured Place to Live 
In 2020, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai got applause for being among the top ten safest metropolitans in the world. And the fun part is all these three are the pillars of the UAE. Strict punishments, prison sentences and well-groomed convictions make Dubai a highly secure city. For instance, it’s common to see an AUDI parked outside a retail store with the keys in the ignition.
  • You’ll need Medical Insurance. 
Unlike the USA, the healthcare system is relatively hard to access, particularly for expats. That’s why it’s suggested to get your back for in-process or emergency health issues by investing in a viable medical insurance plan. When landing a job in Dubai, you must discuss the medical insurance policies with the employer. It’s because most Dubai organisations provide health benefits to their employees.
  • Follow the Rules Obediently 
Dubai makes no comparisons in terms of rules and regulations, which ultimately boils down to harsh punishment regimes. Some laws include possessing poppy seeds, taking someone’s photo without consent, eating or drinking during the voyage, and swearing in public. So, ensure to do your research before stepping on Dubai’s land. Because if you are caught doing them, the results won’t be favourable for you.
  • Prepare yourself for the heat. 
Dubai prefers staying on the hotter side most of the year, and that’s the only downfall that locals experience. While it’s a natural factor, there’s a way out of everything. Since the city can’t see its citizens suffering in the heat, it has made grand arrangements with air conditions at every turn. However, winters also visit Dubai from December to March, with temperatures dipping to the low 20s.
  • You Can’t Escape the Traffic. 
Major road works are going on in the city that’s constantly curating and innovating to build record-breaking skyscrapers. Who wouldn’t get a car in such an advanced city, which ultimately surprises you with unbearable traffic? So, you can expect your mornings to devise strategies to avoid rush hours. Even a 20-minute commute seems like a never-ending journey, so you must act earlier than usual.
Ending Words! 
There’s no denying that dreaming about visiting Dubai is far easier than leading a life here. With all the stuff of strict laws and natural factors, finding peace can be hassling. However, once you settle in this watcher’s paradise, there’s no going back. After all, is anything more pleasing than sleeping with glittering structures and waking up to the dancing waves?  
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