Go through guide to ducted air conditioning maintenance

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ducted air conditioning maintenance
ducted air conditioning maintenance

Here are the parts of ducted air conditioners some need regular maintenance and others less regular.

Let us see when and for which part you should call ducted air conditioning maintenance:

Compressor: compressor of Ac’s is one of the most complicated parts surrounded by motor and wires, and these wires and motors work hard to keep your AC running and thus they often face wear and tear. If there is constant noise or bad smell from the compressor, or if the compressor keeps on throbbing after regular intervals, then it is high time you take your ducted air conditioning machine to the repairing professionals. 

Fan Problem: there are two fans in ducted AC’s condenser and blower fan. The belts and motors of these fans often start making sounds or stop working. If you face problems in the fans get them repaired without any delays. The fan belt might break or tear, it might also go out of order that might require repairing or in worst cases, replacement.

ducted air conditioning maintenance
ducted air conditioning maintenance

Refrigerant leak: It is one of the common problems that any types of Ac’s can face. These leaks are very tough to find, and they can lower the cooling. They can also create many more troubles and to not get them to leak it is better to keep a regular check on them. You won’t be able to find such leaks, and thus you need ducted air conditioning maintenance. 

Filters: filters are one of the most natural parts to maintain, and you can do it yourself to. But they are one of those parts that lead to the malfunctioning off ACs. Most of the filters have a life of 3, 6 or 9 months, and after this period they should be changed. Filters also require regular cleaning because they collect dust and Greece from the air. You can easily clean them yourself, but if you use ducted air conditioning services timely, the need of cleaning won’t arise. 

Condenser Coils: These coils are found outside the compressor, and they often become dirty as they collect dust and debris from nature. You should also check if the condenser coils are scrubbed regularly and if the water pan is clean, otherwise mosquito eggs can breed into the water.

Worn Contactor: Contractors can often start arcing and pitting, and at this point, it becomes difficult for the current to reach the motor and thus your ac either takes time to start, or it may not start at all. This is a serious issue and should be instantly repaired by the trained technician else you might have to change your AC. 

Evaporator Coils: these coils are used to absorb heat in the air, and they send this heat back to the rooms after converting it into the cold air.
Thermostat: it is straightforward to fix, and it is used to control the temperature settings. They often work for years, but if any problem comes up, you can get it repaired by ducted air conditioning services.   

Ac’s are expensive units and to keep them in good health you need ducted air conditioning maintenance. But you should only call verified and licensed ducted air conditioning maintenance services because only they can ensure proper and durable functioning of your AC units. You might find unauthorized services cheap, but in the long run, they will prove more costly as their repairs will not last for long, and you will require their services again and again.  You can now buy the best ducted systems from online portals, and the right options also give you the choice of draining the cooler pads and changing the cooler pads while you winterize the unit.

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