Here Is A Definitive Guide To Clearing A Blocked Drain

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Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is amongst the most prevalent drainage issues that society in Australia and across the globe faces daily. Since blockage may happen at any time, it is a good idea to be cautious. Clogs in your pipes can enable water to move out and cause damage to your house or company if left unchecked. Broken pipes might occur due to severe obstructions, necessitating even more expensive repairs.

If you, too, have a blocked drain at your place and want to get rid of it, this article has got you covered.

Read on to know further about cleaning blocked drains to have an overall better understanding.

All About Cleaning Blocked Drains


What created the block in the first instance will determine how you unclog your clogged drain. There are also several home cures from which to pick. You may need to attempt all of these before hiring a plumber.

  • Boiling Water- Pour a saucepan of boiling water down the blocked drain for a convenient and simple remedy for drains and sewers. This procedure should only be used on hardened steel pipes, as the temperature might dislodge joints in PVC pipes. Instead of heating water, use warm water for pipes. This procedure may work on greasy or garbage setups, but concrete blocks are difficult to clean.
  • Natural Cleaner (DIY)- Carbonic acid soda (bicarbonate of soda) and white vinegar may make a DIY cleaning solution. Put the bicarb first, then the acid down the blocked drain. To keep the solution from flowing out of the pipes, seal the drainage. Flush the plumbing with water until the combination trickles through into the clog.
  • Caustic-Containing Cleaner- Drain solutions containing caustic chemicals can be found at your local corner shop or supermarket. Oil, hair, debris, and other typical clogs may all be removed with these substances. They remain, nevertheless, environmentally damaging and must be handled with caution.
  • Plunger- A plunger would unclog a plumber just like it could unclog a commode. Before you start thrusting, be sure to plug any excess spouts to ensure a good seal. This same plunger out of compression can assist in releasing any obstructions, allowing your pipelines to flow freely once more.
  • Snakes And Surveillance Cameras-A cleaner’s snake, sometimes known as an electric snake instrument, can be used for more serious obstructions. The revolving coil at the wire’s end rotates quickly, hacking away at the blocked drain until everything is removed.
  • Hydro-Jet-A forceful body of water is forced through the pipes by hydro-jets. The pressure exerted drives the obstruction through the piping systems and then out, allowing water to pass freely again. However, this procedure is better for your pipelines than twisting, but it is less successful over solid clogs.
  • Excavation-A professional can determine the precise size of the blocked drain, allowing them to determine which pipe has to be dug up. The technician can restore the pipeline in concern after excavating the dirt around it. After that, the ground may be filled in towards the homemade bong, returning your home to its previous state.
  • Relining of pipes-Although most people use their drains correctly, it is all too simple to make a blunder. Regular use might sometimes cause clogged drains. Full pipe relining would be an economical solution to complete repair or replacement once your pipelines are compromised due to a protracted block.

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At the end of the day, it is no doubt drainage systems can fail for various reasons. And while a few are self-evident, others may escape your notice. If ignored, a blocked drain can lead to bubbling noises, sluggish draining, or bad odors.

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