How and why is it Necessary to Wash Carpets Regularly?

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Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services
Today we are going to talk about cleaning and washing carpets, an element that is usually forgotten but very important for health and hygiene in all types of spaces. Keep reading below, it will surely be of great use to you when managing and hiring specific carpet cleaning services or carrying out your cleanings.

Wash Carpets Regularly

It is very common to overlook the cleaning and washing of carpets, carpets, upholstery and drapes when doing the usual cleaning, giving greater importance to other things such as sanitation and disinfection of toilets, countertops and other elements of the kitchen, in which all We know, a large number of harmful agents are concentrated and proliferate, and insects such as ants and cockroaches can even nest.
However, manual cleaning and daily carpet care is something that is usually left for last without taking into account that this type of surface and elements can contain up to 200,000 bacteria per inch, with this type of dirt affecting people’s health. who inhabit, work or use the spaces in which they are framed.
So, effective carpet cleaning tips are equally important because according to some studies poor health of these surfaces can also generate bacteria, poor quality of ambient air within the home or premises.
The carpet is an element that is used daily like any other floor in the house, or the office, which we surely never forget to clean. The absorbent nature of the fibres and the depth they have is the perfect place for all kinds of dirt to accumulate not only in the visible part but also at its base.
In busy places such as offices, in homes with pets, or with children, washing carpets and rugs are even more essential and must be done daily.
Therefore, to answer why it is necessary to clean and wash carpets, we can offer the following reasons:
  • The first reason that requires careful cleaning and washing of carpets, it is clear that it is the hygienic need to preserve the health of those who have this type of accessories in their homes or workplaces. The carpets are excellent places for little insects such as mites and moulds can establish a home. The proliferation of these invisible and very harmful inhabitants because they are the cause of many allergic processes, and asthma, increases considerably if the carpets are not cleaned properly. But in addition to the mites, mould spores also arrive from the outside that on the carpet will have enough food to reproduce more easily, adding to the harmful agents that threaten the health of people.
  • The second reason is that the fibres of carpets and rugs of all kinds tend to absorb all the odours found in the environment, so when they are exposed for a long time, without proper cleaning, they generate a musty odour that is always very unpleasant, a good professional wash is the best way to eliminate odours from carpets and rugs.
  • The third reason is that the dust deposited on our rugs and carpets causes them to become dull and lose the intensity of their original colours and that their fibres remain caked, losing their softness, and therefore a wash when necessary, is the best way to have the perfect rugs as the first day.
  • The last reason is that no matter how much you try to take care of your carpet, with time it is always inevitable that some type of stain will occur that you will not be able to remove only with vacuuming, and only washing the carpets will solve this problem.
And now that you know why you have to clean and keep carpets in good condition, we are going to explain all the aspects of cleaning them.

Vacuum Rugs and Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Services

Although it may seem that you simply have to vacuum, and business is over, in this section we are going to teach you how to vacuum a carpet efficiently:
But first, we want to underline the need to make this task a daily obligation if the use is constant, and at least twice a week if they use is less.
The reason for our insistence is to avoid as much as possible that the superficial dirt that you do not eliminate constantly, with the footprints it will be introduced to the bottom of the deepest part of the carpet from where it will be more difficult to tear it off.
  1. You can start at the end you prefer, but always following the weft or direction of the fibres first, and then repeat the operation against the grain.
  2. Do not vacuum the vacuum at full speed, but you should give it its time to act more effectively.
  3. To care for the carpet like a professional, from time to time, it is advisable to collect the carpet, rolling it upon itself, and clean the surface of the floor on which it is usually placed.
Then spread it out again but turned inside out, to clean bypassing the vacuum cleaner over its entire lower base.
Finally, turn it over again and place it again, but rotating its position, so that the wear is more homogeneous throughout its surface.

Ways to Wash Carpets and Rugs

As we have already mentioned before, no matter how much you want to take care of the rugs and carpets, there will always be a time when it will be necessary to carry out a much more complete cleaning than the usual vacuuming, either because of the dullness of its colours are appreciated, or because it begins to give off unpleasant odours, or simply because it has been stained and the stain resists or even does not attempt to remove for fear of destroying the piece.
In any case, the recommendations of some professionals who have studied the incidence of dirt from this type of element on our health in the daily environment, recommend cleaning and washing carpets with steam at least once a year, and more frequently if there are also pets.
You can also wash rugs in the washing machine if they are small and synthetic composition, such as the so-called footboards.
To thoroughly clean carpets made with natural materials, handcrafted fabrics and quality carpets, it is always better to turn to experts in cleaning this type of item.
And of course, if you are not sure about the manufacturer’s instructions, you better not play it, and resort to professional cleaning services. Today there are cleaning services by location, that is, you can find cleaning companies in Melbourne, or the neighbourhood or district in which you are.
The companies carpet cleaning, and upholstery, offer the possibility to pick up the pieces in your own home as well as spot treatments, guaranteed to get the best results, being familiar with all types of stains and fabrics, providing machinery and specific products for exclusively professional use, while at the same time providing the greatest comfort for you, being the safest way to care for carpets and rugs.
But although this is a great solution to clean, deodorize and disinfect carpets and rugs completely, it is not applicable in all cases, because there are materials that do not resist intense heat, and in that case, you have to resort to other cleaning procedures.
Another way to wash carpets and rugs is to use a solution with dry foam that must be spread over the entire surface of the piece with the help of a sponge or brush, leaving it to act until it disappears, later with the help of a cloth. that does not release lint, or another slightly damp sponge, gradually removing the remains of dirt, cleaning the utensil and repeating until finished, allowing it to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place.

Other Carpet Tips

  • Take advantage of the arrival of good weather to store the rugs during the summer, arranging an old sheet of the same size and then rolling them with the outer side facing in so that the fibres are protected, and keep them lying down during storage so that they do not deform.
  • If you collect your rugs when the heat begins to arrive, you will avoid an unnecessary element in summer, as well as its deterioration and you will save on cleaning hours.
  • When removing rugs in summer, store them in a dry and safe place, and add some moth-proof bags to the bottom, especially if they are made of wool, leather, or vegetable fibres, in this way you will prevent these destructive insects finish them off.
  • The time to remove your carpets in spring is ideal to clean them in-depth, resorting to a cleaning company, which in some cases can even safely store your carpet during the hot months.

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