How To Choose The Best Estate Planning Lawyers?

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estate planning lawyers melbourne
estate planning lawyers melbourne

Having a large estate or property demands regular care and upkeep. In addition to this, there are certain legal implications that one needs to adhere to. Estate planning lawyers help you to manage these properties by sticking to State law.

Who Are Estate Planning Lawyers?

They are the legal assistants who help in the distribution of property and management of the assets after the death of the owner. These lawyers are a bar-certified attorney who specializes in estate planning and helps their clients in drafting legal documents and formulating wills and trusts. They are closely related to the family members of the client.

The work of an estate planning lawyer doesn’t end with just will formation; rather it is much more. They must be good in relationship building, and problem-solving skills, and in addition to these qualities they need to draft living trysts to develop pan to avoid estate taxes and work towards ensuring that your assets are saved from your beneficiaries’ creditors.

They can prepare the power of attorney and all the legal aspects that will ensure that your assets are safe and well-managed.

While Hiring Estate Planning Lawyers, You Must Look At The Following Qualifications:

  • The first thing that you should remember is that you must not hand over estate planning duties to a general practitioner. If you have a big estate, it is always advisable that you should choose the one that specializes in estate planning and other aspects related to it.
  • Your lawyer should be trustworthy and be able to gain your trust. Since you will be investing a lot in estate planning and at the same time, the lawyer would know in-depth about your parties, it is better to choose a trustworthy one.
  • Your lawyer must know about all the aspects of estate planning law, taxes, and other services.
estate planning lawyers melbourne
estate planning lawyers melbourne

What Fees Do Estate Planning Lawyers Charge?

Well, if you are planning to hire estate planning lawyers, then you must gear up to pay some good money, especially if they excel in their work. Remember, you are paying your attorney for their accumulated knowledge and experience. Moreover, they will ensure that your assets are safe. In Australia, you should be ready to pay somewhere between $300- $ 500 per hour. However, these fees may increase if the lawyer is good and experienced.

If you are wondering why should you be paying so much money, then you should know that avoiding an expert service may put you under a tax burden that otherwise could have been avoided with legal assistance.

Where Do I Find The Best Estate Planning Lawyers?

If you are planning to hire one, then you can scout through the following options:

Contact Your State or Local Bar Association

Each State has a bar association and lawyers located in a certain city or county may also have their bar associations. Many of these associations maintain a list of their members and their practice areas, and some even offer certified referral services to the public. Check your local telephone directory or check online for a referral service in your area.

  • Contact Your State or Local Bar Association– The first place you should be looking at is the bar association and lawyers of your city. These associations have a list of members with experience and qualifications. You can choose the one that matches your requirement from this list. This is the most authentic place for finding an estate planning lawyer.
  • References– The next best choice would be seeking references. You can ask your friends or transfer the information to your peer. They will help you suggest the right person for the job.
  • Ask your financial advisor– You can also seek the help of your financial advisor about the same. Most financial advisors consider estate planning as an integral part of their service to the client. You can speak to them and take references from them.


hiring estate planning lawyers is a major step that you can take to keep your property safe and free from any unnecessary borders. However, it becomes even more important that you choose the right person for the job. Keeping the above-mentioned points into consideration can help you find trustworthy estate planning lawyers.

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