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When it comes to service and maintenance of cars there are divergent ways of thinking. There are people who value brands and entrust service and repairs only from the authorized dealers. Then there are people who drive a car until it develops a fault and then take it to the nearest repair shop. Then there are car owners who really know the importance of a specialist for service and maintenance of their cars.
Is It Necessary to Get Your Car Serviced Only at A Dealership?
  • If you go by claims of carmakers and dealers, the authorized dealerships are the only places to which you can safely entrust for satisfactory services and repairs.
  • This is true as the dealers employ factory trained and certified technicians.
  • They also maintain full set of equipment’s and are supposedly conscientious.
  • Such authorized car maintenance centers use genuine OEM spares, assuring performance and longevity of your vehicle.
If your car is new and under warranty it is best to stick to car dealerships. The repairs will be free here.
The car dealerships are the best place for car maintenance is a generalization. Fact is that, if you look up online forums people are dissatisfied with quality of services of the dealerships. Some even complain of having been ripped off. Moreover, it is more expensive to get your car serviced at authorized dealerships.
Specialist for vehicle maintenance and services
  • A car maintenance and services specialist center is usually run by someone who worked previously in a repair shop and has hands-on experience of this field. He is knowledgeable about models of the cars.
  • Such specialist shops maintain a few but quite competent technicians working as a team under the leadership of the owner.
  • They may use OEM parts or after-market parts but the after-market parts are chosen for reliability and performance and may exceed OEM specs in some cases.
  • They are speedy and courteous.
  • It is a fallacy to assume that they do not know about handling computerized control systems or lack equipment’s. They are fully equipped in both the matters.
  • Going a step further these guys usually love tinkering with cars and tweaking performance. They may, just for the heck of it, give your car a thorough going over to identify faults and fix them whereas car dealerships, because of heavy rush will not deal it deeper.
  • If the specialist repair shop has ASE certified technicians, it is much better and if the vehicle service center is AAA approved then you can implicitly trust them.
  • Once you become regular you get to know the technicians by name and, more importantly, they know all about your car. They will recommend tweaks and mods to help you get the best performance or enhance durability or improve mileage, according to your preference.
Now You Have Both Sides of the Coin. The Scales Tip in Favor of the Specialist for These Reasons:
  • Service is personalized and they do care for you and your vehicle.
  • The same technician handles your car every time and knows it inside out.
  • Service is thorough and you can expect preventive maintenance and detailed checks from the specialists.
  • You can build credit and relationship. You can ask for a rush job as a favor and also for budget repairs and parts and they will accommodate you.
  • You may sell one make and model car and buy an entirely different one. However, your relationship continues. You do not have to take your new car elsewhere for services. The same people will handle it with equal competence.
A car mechanic is like a doctor. And, as you would do with a doctor, you must car maintenance continuity and relationship to get the best treatment.
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