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Car Repair
Car maintenance and repair log or repair history are important not only for your own vehicle but also when you are planning to sell or buy a used car. We all know that regular upkeep and maintenance keeps the car in good condition. This increases the resale value of the car. Similarly, when you are out there to buy a used car, with its regular car repair history and record you can figure out how good or bad is the condition of the car.  Here it is important to mention that these records are helpful in several other ways, which we will be highlighting further in the blog.
Prior car repair Services
The most important reason to have the previous car repair history in a place that the document showcases the when, where, and what kind of services have been performed on the car. A car without any service history is like a mystery that leaves the owner or the buyer with no clue as to when its last received oil change or when were the tires changed or if it was into an accident. Having a car with a full-service history gives one a peace of mind of knowing what to expect and what they are getting into.
Where to look for Car Repair history
It’s good to have a record of all the details of the car repair. It can be a manual log or you can store it on a digital media. The objective is to get instant access to the information pertaining to car repairs and maintenance work, the date and amount.  Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) is one venue where one can look at the past history and repairs of a car. One can use those records to look at the car repair history.  Another good idea is to let a car agency perform a complete check on the vehicle you are interested in.
Before you ask for the car repair history, you should have a good idea of what it looks like and what kind of information it provides.
Here is what to expect in the document showing Car Repair and service history:
  • A record of previous repairs
  • If the car was ever stolen
  • If the car has been written off because of damage
  • Previous sales history
When browsing through the Car Repair history, watch out for red flags like:
Any instances of previously written off. If so, it means that the car is certainly not worth its cost and may need expensive repairs in the future. That might be because of careless repairs or any invisible damage.
A stolen car means that it has passed through the hands of a thief and he may have robbed the car of its original value. A rolled back the odometer on the car repair history is a pointer that the seller is trying to groove you. Look for signs like a poorly maintained car or a car with a poor service history. You should avoid buying such cars as they can be dubious.
If you are buying a used car and the owner of the car is not able to produce the repair history or document, don’t worry, in such a scenario, you can ask them about the garage where the car was sent for repair, the garages keep the record of the same. Cross-check the same will give you an insight into the history of the repair and let you decipher the condition of the car easily. One can go for a complete inspection of the car from a trusted mechanic.
Final Thoughts: A car with well-documented records of car repair services is indeed worth a lot more than the one without. Purchasing a used car without a history may indeed look cheaper, but it would also mean entering unknown waters. With the above mentioned tips and thorough research, you would surely be able to end up cracking a good deal.
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