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    Instances When You Have To Hire A Level 2 Electrician

    An electrician of second level is a professional who is certified to carry out all the major electrical works such as connecting or disconnecting a building with the power grid or carrying out underground or overhead electrical conduit maintenance. The professional will carry all the necessary permits and will also be certified by the apex authorities.

    When should you call one?

    You would need to call a level-2 electrician when you want to:-

    • Install electrical meters in your property: Electrical meters calculate the amount of electricity your property consumes in a month. Based on the reading, your electricity provider will charge you. Now, you would need to hire a level 2 electrician as these professionals are the only ones who are trusted by all known electricity suppliers.
    • Install overhead cables in your industrial complex: In case you own an industrial complex and want to ensure that every section of the complex is connected to the grid using high capacity overhead power lines then you would need to hire an electrician with a level 2 permit. The reason is simple – overhead power lines carry a massive amount of electricity and failure to properly install or maintain them can lead to electrical fires, arcing, blown up transformers, electrical faults and even loss of life! Hence, to keep all of these at bay hire only an electrician with a level 2 electrical license.
    • Add electrical extensions or upgrade the electrical system of your property: There could be times when your home or place of business would need a complete overhaul for its electrical system. This is yet another instance when you would need to hire an electrician with a level 2 license as they have the tools, the resources and the experience to carry out such projects with due diligence.

    Why hire a professional electrical contractor and not a handyman?

    The reasons are plenty as follows:

    • The job done will be on par with the safety standards: Working with or around electricity is dangerous. This is the reason why strict safety standards need to be maintained during electrical projects. A handyman will not have the necessary training hence; hiring one for electrical work will not only endanger you, your employees/loved ones and your property but also the handyman himself! Hence, to keep accidents at bay, hire a professional for the job.
    • The electrical work done and the installation will be on par with the norms: Handymen do not have the finesse or the experience they need to make sure that the electrical work they are carrying out in your property is on par with the safety standards set by the apex authorities. Electrical fires, arcing or a blown breaker will all be common issues when you hire a handyman to do electrical work. Hire a professional electrician associated with a renowned contractor to make sure that the work done is perfect and is on par with your expectations as well as international standards.

    At the end, when you want to hire an electrician make sure that the professional is associated with a reputed firm that takes electrical contracts. You would also need to make sure that the electrician has all the necessary licenses and certifications, for the best results. Also check about shed.

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