Instruments And Tools Used By Professional Plumbers

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Why would you hire a plumber? It is true that we can fix some common plumbing issue with some simple DIY tools, and we do not need to hire a plumber for minor issues? The answer is yes and no, DIY can save your plumbing cost and can keep your home safe but not every plumbing issues can be solved with DIY techniques. There are some complex problems that you can face in your plumbing system and you cannot deal with such problems. For example, tree roots penetration into your underground sewage lines. You cannot locate such clogged areas and you need to hire a plumber for CCTV inspection. Even, they can reline your drains with PVC materials and save your overall repairing cost.

There are some advanced tools that you cannot afford to buy, and you need to rely on professional plumbers to incorporate with such tools to repair your plumbing problems.

Here, You Can Find Some Tools Used By Professional Plumbers: 


  • Tube cutter: Now, most of the plumbing lines are made from PVC materials, which can be customized according to your needs. But, to cut such tubes, you need to use a tubing cutter.
  • Hacksaw: Apart from the tube cutter, plumbers also carry a hacksaw. They can use this tool to cut the metal parts of your plumbing system, and they can cut the nuts, bolts, and metal pipes with this hacksaw.
  • Hole saw: It is a kit required to cut perfectly round holes in plumbing parts. Plumbers can use this saw to cut the nuts and screws to fix your plumbing lines. They can also use a mole grip to install such metal parts in their proper positions and they can hold the metal part with a mole grip while they are welding such parts.
  • Pipe bender: You have some curve points in your home, and you need to bend your PVC or metal pipes to install in these inclined areas. Plumbing services can use a pipe bender in this regard.
  • Pliers: This is the most common tools that every plumber has, and they can use it to loosen the nuts and bolts. Nuts and bolts installed in a restricted area cannot be reached or remove by a wrench and you need to use pliers for the same.
  • Torch: It is not a common flashlight that a plumber can use; it is a specialized tool that can generate heat to some specific areas. Plumbers can use this torch to apply heat to the metal parts of your plumbing system and they can seal such plumbing lines to prevent leakages.
  • Wrenches: There are different types of wrenches available in the market, such as adjustable wrenches, basic wrenches, torque wrenches, faucet keys and internal pipe wrenches. You cannot afford to buy such wrenches for your home because only a trained plumber can use a suitable wrench according to the nature of the plumbing issue. For example, an adjustable wrench can be used to loosen or tighten the bolt and nuts, and you need to use a basin wrench to remove faucet from a confined space.



Apart from that, there are some common tools available for professional plumbers, such as flashlight, tapes, bucket, threader set for pipes, and different types of wrenches. So you can hire such plumbers to use these tools to fix your plumbing issue.

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