Learning About Different Types of Home Security Systems

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Every person attempts to keep his or her assets, valuable possessions, and loved one’s safe and secure. With increasing crime rate every person is worried about the safety of homes and one cannot depend entirely on law. Since the technologies have improved a lot, one should opt for better security options to keep one’s homes and offices protected from any kind of danger.
What is a Security System?
Home security systems are very important for every household as they can stop burglars from breaking in. These systems are used to keep our homes secure and also our family members safe. Various types of systems are available in the market. It is very challenging and confusing to decide which type of system should be installed. So, one should carefully research before installing any system. There are mainly four types of systems available:
Monitored System:
This type of system alarm is the most widely and popularly used alarm for securing homes. It has certain advantages and also disadvantages. This system will notify a call center when the alarm gets activated. The call center then informs the police. The problem with this system is that since it is connected to your landline the lines can be traced and can be cut before breaching in the house if the procedure is known to the thieves. In this situation, the call center would never be informed even if it is expected. A solution to this is connecting the system to radio or your cellular phone.
Another drawback is that the whole process is time consuming. Even if the alarm is triggered the thief will get some time to take few precious items as it will take time to inform the call center and the police. A monitored home system is also quite expensive to install.
Wireless Alarm System:
This system can be easily bought from any local shop. Wireless alarm system has the advantage that it can be easily installed. This system has no charge for monitoring and any setting can be chosen according to convenience. Sensors, beams, cameras or motion detectors can be used as a desired setting. The disadvantage is that there is a particular distance that should be maintained between the sensors otherwise it won’t work. The batteries used in the sensors need to be changed often which increases the associated cost.
Unmonitored Security Systems:
It is another form of commonly used security system. It starts a loud siren outside and inside when the alarm is stumbled. This system is dependent on your nearby neighbors who can inform the police. There is no cost associated for monitoring. The system has flashy lights which can be spotted easily so that people are informed immediately. The sirens are shrill enough to scare away burglars and thieves as it draws a lot of unnecessary attention. The problem with this system is that sometimes the neighbors are not reliable enough. If the neighbors are not trustworthy setting off the alarm then it won’t help.
Electric Current Home Alarm:
This type of home alarm system also has its own pros and cons. This system is generally used for most houses which are being made during installation. In this system the doors and windows are being monitored. The system sends a beep when the doors and windows are opened. This is really advantageous for security when we do not want certain windows and doors to be opened by small children or even by adults. The drawback associated with this system is that any other electrical system may obstruct the alarm and thus the system will fail to work properly in such cases. These security systems also may get hampered by lightning.
Choose the right security system based on your requirements.
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