Lifting With Ease: Advantages Of Using Drum Handling Equipment

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drum handling equipment
drum handling equipment

A growing industry is always well-equipped. Since industry owners have understood the advantages of incorporating appropriate equipment over traditional workforce methods, the new equipment has evolved. A drum handling equipment eases up the process of shipment, storage, and rotating heavyweight drums making the whole work smooth and fast for the workers in a manufacturing industry or warehouse.

Drum handling equipment comes in different forms that are all efficient but serve the same purpose. This equipment has provided a lot of benefits to those industries that have been using it. If you think this equipment would be appropriate for the type of job you do, you might be right.

Know The Benefits Drum Handling Equipment Can Provide You And Better Understand It.

1. Effortless job

The main benefits of using drum handling equipment are that your job becomes almost effortless. An industry producing liquid items has to deal with drums and barrels, and when they are filled, they become pretty hard to be shifted the workforce. It is true that traditionally these works used to be done that way but when appropriate equipment can make it easy for them why not use it?

Moreover, warehouses are always busy importing, placing, and storing goods. These drum handler equipment make the job of warehouse workers effortless too. With minimum effort, a single employee can lift a drum with a hydraulic pump, and the wheels make the movement smooth.

2. No risk of product damage

The drum handlers have grips that steadily hold the drums so that they can’t move sidewise. Also, a plate and a hook that holds them from the bottom and the tom, respectively. Therefore, the drums will not fall accidentality while moving. Thus, you can ensure no product damage on your site that otherwise results in bigger losses for your business.

drum handling equipment
drum handling equipment

3. Need less manpower

It is quite impossible for a single person to lift a loaded drum and move it to a new place. You require two-three people to shift a heavily-weighted drum which ultimately results in having too many workers in a single unit. Thus, you not only employ more workers but also need to pay them. A drum handling equipment needs only a single worker to operate it. That one person is enough to move a number of loaded drums or barrels in less time and effort. So, the other employees can focus on other work, and you are saving a lot of money too.

4. No injury ensured

Lifting huge-sized and heavy-weigh drums and barrels with physical power is tough. Accidents often happen due to this and physical injuries are commonly seen. Moreover, if it is a chemical industry, leakage of the harmful chemical can cause employee disease, even death in the worst condition. Using drum-handling equipment saves your employees from such unfortunate incidents and saves your company.

5. Work becomes faster

Applying such efficient equipment to your company will surely enhance the speed of processing things. Not only the shipments will become faster but, it will also impact the whole job, from manufacturing to storage and exporting them.

6. Safety during transportation

Drum handling equipment is also used by freight service providers. It helps in strongly holding a drum to a height above the ground. So, during the transportation of the products, if your site has a rough or uneven surface area, you can use this equipment to hold the drums and move them. Thus, damages can be avoided.

7. Remote control drum handling

What you can get as most beneficial in many types of this equipment is a remote-control drum handler. When other drum handlers need manual force to lift a drum with a hydraulic pump, this equipment has a remote attached to it. And using it you can control the equipment and grip and lift the drum without putting in any physical effort.


These are some essential benefits your industry can get from using drum handling equipment. The equipment will make the work easy for the workers and help your business grow by saving time and effort for you.

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