Major Types of Fall Protection Anchor Systems for Multipurpose

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There is a wide range of fall protection anchor systems available in the market like tip-over structure, rigid, portable, specialty vacuum anchors, rooftop tips etc. and multiple option provides you with multiple features and benefits. For example, it will be cost effective for you if you go for single point anchors and they are also easy to use. If your work space is clearly designed where you do not require a wide range of movement, you can ideally go for single point anchors.
There are diverse fall protection anchor systems whose customs can be engineered. There are also pre- engineered fall protection anchor systems that would meet your specific budget and requirement.
7 major types of fall protection anchor systems to serve your specific purpose
  1. Horizontal lifeline system- The short form is HLL and they are used to arrest many falls and are also used as fall restraint systems. They come with great utility and are very much flexible. Overhead anchor points are lacking in many work areas where horizontal lifeline systems are used commonly There is a cable attached with two or more than two roof top anchor points, bridges, outdoor sites of construction, crane runway or different types of elevated work places that have fall risk to people.
  2. Rail track systems-Rail track anchor system is mainly used where the workers require traveling along a straight line and having the ability to move down or up. You can go for cleaning high windows by using rail track anchor systems.
  3. Roof and wall anchor systems-Roof anchors that have single point are most cost effective and are very much user-friendly and hence provide an ideal solution to protect from fall. They mark work areas that are not in use for wide range of movements.
  4. Vacuum single point anchor system-This type of fall protection anchor system is ideal for maintaining aircrafts and inspecting applications which in turn would provide a temporary tie-off capability whenever your mechanics need it. Rail fall protection systems that are rigid are cost prohibitive and can also cause damage to the aircraft. But vacuum anchors are very much versatile and cost effective.
  5. Portable single point anchor system-They are one of the most common fall protection solutions which are used for temporary constructions, rooftop maintenance and steel erection applications. Weighted base single point anchor systems are used for rooftops that provide a free tie-off point for standing, eliminating the requirement of attaching to the surface of the roof. These fall protection anchor systems have a variety of applications and may be attached to windows, parapet walls, door jams, structured steel etc.
  6. Fixed truss anchor kits-You have to permanently attach a D- ring anchor with the bottom chords of the overhead truss system in order to create a complaint anchor point. This complaint anchor point forms an integral part of fall protection anchor system. The truss single point anchors are attached mechanically in plates made up of steel and with a combination of threaded bolt and nuts.
  7. Tip-over single point anchor system– They are designed for rooftop application and the pitch is 4:12 or less. It disperses the energy in order to preserve the structural integrity of a roof. Metal, single ply membrane, standing steam metal roofs, built up asphalt are some of the roofing substances with which tip over post single point anchors can be used.

Go for a comprehensive hazard assessment first and then opt for a customized solution of fall protection anchor system that best suits your purpose. Remember that it is a very useful component in workplaces because those are highly accident-prone areas.
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