Need To Know About The Uses Of Wooden Serving Trays Before Purchasing

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Wood, in general, is admired for its beauty and the way it can be used in making anything and everything. Back in the days when plastic was not even invented, wood, glass, and porcelain were some of the major materials used to make many household products. One such item is a wooden serving tray, which has been used in the past, and over the years with plastic taking over the market, the wooden serving tray took a back seat. However, in recent years, wooden serving trays are back in the market and have become quite popular.

Though we do not give enough importance to these little household items, a wooden serving tray can be used for any purposes other than using them for carrying around food and beverage and other items.

With DIY Techniques, People Have Started Using Wooden Serving Trays For Different Purposes Like: 

Wooden Serving Trays

  • Decorating The Walls 

Wooden serving trays come in different shapes like round, square, rectangle, hexagonal, and different patterns or designs. These designs make the trays attractive, and with some DIY techniques, people have started to use them by hanging on the walls or attaching a mirror in the center of using the wooden serving tray as photo frames, etc. however, for such décor, you need to make sure that the wooden serving tray is made from sturdy wood. 

  • Organizing Your Desk 

We use trays to keep food and beverages together in one place on a table, just the same way you can use the wooden serving tray as your desk or dressing table organizer. You can keep your perfume or lotion bottles or keep a pen stand with a notepad and basic stationery in the tray so that you can find them easily when you need them. You can place your accessories in the tray, and if you have a small-sized wooden serving tray, you can use it to keep your keys. 

  • Use It In Your Garden 

Wooden serving trays can be used in your garden to keep small pots in one place or similar group types of plants on 1 tray. You can also use the wooden serving tray for indoor plants as a base for the plant pot and use them as a beautiful backdrop for your interior. 

  • Spice Tray 

We all have ample spices in our kitchen, and often it becomes difficult to arrange them in 1 place together. Whenever we need the spices, we have to hunt in different drawers or shelves, or cabinets. To make this experience hassle-free, you can use a wooden serving tray as your spice tray in your kitchen. You can keep all your spices in 1 place and find them quickly whenever you need them.

The above mentioned are just some of the other uses of wooden serving trays; you can tap into your creative mind and find out more ways to use the wooden serving tray to make your life easier. 

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Wooden Tray?

Wooden Serving Trays.

As we all know, wooden serving trays come in various shapes and sizes; depending on your requirement, pick a tray that is not too heavy because once you place your food and beverage or plates and bowls or glasses and jugs on the tray, it will be heavy. A lightweight wooden serving tray with sturdy handles is the best option because it is very comfortable to carry.

You will come across many wooden serving trays that will have acrylic or glass on the surface, do not go for such serving trays because you do not want your food or drink to slip and fall as the surface is smooth. It is better to pick a tray that is pure wood and not a smooth surface so that your bowls or plates can get grip and chances of them slipping are minimized. 


It is always a good idea to have a wooden serving tray; you can buy one from different shapes and sizes because you never know what may come in handy. Nowadays, these wooden serving trays are also available in a set of 2 or 4 o 6 of different sizes; opting for the sets will help you save money, and you can have similar-looking trays too.

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