Robotic Demolition vs Hydraulic Demolition – All you need to know

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The advancement of technology has devoured us with some of the greatest conveniences. Robotic demolition one such practice that has upgraded the process to an extra sleek method when compared to its predecessors. Both the procedures of demolition, hydraulic as well as robotic, have their unique mechanisms and present individualistic benefits. Such forms of controlled demolition through diamond drilling come plenty in handy when the project requires, like due to development of deep cracks, or when signs of frost heave can be observed.

Let us have a look at the evolution, efficiency, applications, and advantages of these demolition techniques.

Robotic demolition

The power of this technique is well known amongst the industry. It is a quick method to remove the unwanted concrete through top-notch machines that have been developed specifically for this task. There are various products that can perform efficient demolition, but the Brokk is a distinguished product that does the job in an exceptional manner. The process is carried out through the electronically powered remote-controlled robot. The equipment is ideal for a wide range of tasks like scaling, drilling, digging, breaking, and grizzling. They bring a certain class and elegance to the whole demolition activity.


The list goes on and on when talking about the benefits of robotic demolition. A few important ones have been mentioned here. The Brokk is operated through remote control and can be maneuvered easily from quite a distance. This leads to the elimination of risks for the operators and increases the safety standards of the site. There is little to no air pollution during the process which makes the robotic demolition environment-friendly. These machines are extremely powerful and wield accurately even within tight spaces. Brokk machines are highly durable and not highly complex to operate. Their build is compact and can be ideally used in confined spaces to get the job done effectively. The remote operation also allows the tasks to be carried out at places with odd temperatures and extreme conditions.


The remote-controlled robot Brokk is mainly used for demolition in the construction industry as mentioned above. It is far superior to sawing or concrete drilling for this purpose. It is also used to clean out cement kilns and the safe demolition of brick linings. Some other tasks such as tunneling or mining can also be performed via such robotic demolition for efficiency. The machines offer a wide array of functions especially for excavating and working underground. The hammer frequency, electric power, and accuracy of the operation make such robotic demolitions great assets for mining.

Hydraulic demolition

When it comes to hydraulic demolition, it is a method that has aged like fine wine. It gets the job done perfectly and with the utmost safety. This process can handle the demolition of large concrete structures in a smooth manner. It is more reliable and handy to choose the hydraulic demolition method when dealing with lengthy and dangerous jobs. It is beneficial than the traditional methods and can be used in any concrete no matter the strength or thickness of the same. Small holes are drilled via diamond drilling into the concrete subject to demolition. Then, some hydraulic bursters are put into these holes and expanded gradually. The structure gives in under pressure and is demolished successfully.


One of the most important benefits of implementing this technique is that it is extremely non-percussive. The process of hydraulic demolition does not create noise pollution nor do the operators have to suffer from vibratory damage to their muscles. There is minimal dust produced during the entire procedure, be it diamond drilling or hydraulic bursting hence keeping the site relatively dust-free. Setting the technical advantages aside, this kind of hydraulic demolition is also quite inexpensive and hence preferred by the contractors.


Just like the robotic demolition, the hydraulic alternative has been implemented in a variety of industries to get the job done. With concrete, it can handle walls, floors, foundations, pillars, beams, bridges, and dams. We observe the best results of hydraulic demolition against materials like natural stone, brickwork, and concrete.

In conclusion, both the processes demonstrate promise

One present technological prowess while the other is an age-old tried and tested procedure. It is hard to choose one and the decision completely depends on the kind of project that is at hand. Consider their mechanism and figure out which kind of demolition, robotic, or hydraulic suits your needs the best.

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