The Best and Convenient Ways to Unclog Your Blocked Toilet

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Blocked Toilet

A clogged toilet is one of the greatest problems that any homeowner experiences. But it is not a huge problem if one knows the methods to do away with the clog just with a little practice. The main tools that are used are a plunger and a toilet snake. Hence it is nothing to worry as it can be done easily at home. But there are certain tips that one should know perfectly. The common cause of the blocked toilet is the low pressure of water.

Now you can also unclog your blocked toilet with some DIY tools and you can pour some hot water mixed with vinegar in your drainage system to unclog your toilet. Else you can use some plunger or toilet snake to plug out the deposited garbage from your toilet. But these DIY techniques can provide you temporary relief and you need to call a professional plumber or toilet cleaner to clean the blocked toiler completely.

How would you identify the blocked toilet? 

Blocked Toilet

The sign of a blocked toilet is a poor flush. In such a case, the toilet bowl will fill up to the brim along with flush water. The problem begins when the water starts overflowing from the bowl. Whenever you have to face a similar situation, the best thing to do is to allow the water level at least 10 minutes to drop. Then you can diagnose the actual problem with the help of a toilet plunger. The clogged drains usually drain very slowly. So it is important to flush the water that will clean away the waste.  But sometime, the underground drainage lines can be clogged, and you would not be able to find out these clogged areas. In this case, you need to call the professional drain cleaning services and they will inspect the underground pipelines with their CCTVs cameras. Then they will clear the pipelines with their advanced tools and techniques. This will help you to save money in the long run.

The fastest ways to clear a clogged toilet  

  • You can use a toilet plunger that is available in two varieties. One is the sink plunger and the other one is the toilet plunger. Now you have to use the plunger by placing its head inside the blocked toilet. Then you have to gently press it down. The plunger has to be pressed up and down gently but with a firm motion in order to force the water up and down. If you do these two to three times, then the toilet is cleared, and the water is drained out.
  • Sometimes the toilet brush only is enough to fix the toilet clogging. This is a very handy method that can be used when you do not have a plunger. This is ideal to clear an annoying blockage instead of running for a plumber. This is used like a plunger by pressing it into the area where the blockage has occurred.
  • The toilet can also be unclogged with the use of a mop and a bag. The head of the mop has to be covered with a plastic bag and then use it as an improvised toilet plunger.
  • The use of caustic soda is very effective to remove the clogs from the blocked toilet. It actually reacts with water and wears down the substances that could have blocked the toilet. This solution has to be poured inside the toilet and the lid has to be closed.

Blocked Toilet

Of course, if all the above methods do not work, then you have to call a professional plumber. They have the expertise the fix it immediately.

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