The best idea to celebrate Valentine’s week

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The month of February brings romance and excitement along with it and fills our heart with anticipation. Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February. While many love birds are familiar with the significance of the 7 days of Valentine’s week, there are some people who do not have a clue. To celebrate the much-awaited special week, you should have all the information about all the days. Take a look at our Valentine’s week list and  Valentine Gifts ideas right now and switch your romantic mode on!

Rose Day- 7th February

The first day of Valentine’s week is dedicated to the deep love you have for your partner, this day is all about pretty flowers and to express what they mean to you. Roses are a symbolise of love and passion. Yellow roses are given with the intention of taking the first step towards love, that is friendship. Each rose stands for a different expression, and you can express them by picking the one that suits your feeling for the receiver.

Gift Ideas for Rose Day: Full Of Happiness, Black mug with red roses, mixed roses bouquet, white roses heart shape arrangement

Propose Day- 8th February

In Valentine’s week, Propose Day is the second day of the week, and it holds a lot of importance. On this day, you can tell your love and ask your love interest, whether she/he will like to be with you forever.

Gift Ideas for Propose Day: romantic ride cushion, valentine’s love couple mugs, red velvet cake heart shape, chocolaty panda, the yellow note of love

Chocolate Day- 9th February

Chocolates bring a huge smile to face. To coat the week with sweetness, you can surprise your beloved with a pack of their favourite chocolates.

Gift Ideas for Chocolate Day: Dairy Milk & Eclairs Arrangement, Bouquet Of Rocher, basket full of chocolate

Teddy Day- 10th February

Teddy is already full of love and makes for a great cuddle buddy when the mood is off. Teddy Day is all about adorable teddy Valentine Gifts that they can cuddle with when you are away.

Gift Ideas for Teddy Day: cute love, teddies bouquet, room full of teddy, teddy basket

Promise Day- 11th February

Promise Day is celebrated on 11th February and it is the most important day. This day signifies the importance of commitment in love. On this day you can make your partner believe that nothing’s gonna change your love for them.

Gift Ideas for Promise Day: Promise Day Message card, mix flower and chocolate bouquet, Scented Candles, happy valentine’s day cushion, heart cake

Hug Day- 12th February

On 12th February, embrace your lover in your arms and let them know you will always be there for them. A warm hug expresses all that you have in your heart and leaves no space for words.

Gift Ideas for Hug Day: Adenium desert rose plant, peach roses bouquet, personalised sweet couple puzzle, Adorable Personalised Cushion

Kiss Day- 13th February

Seal your true promises with a kiss on the second last day of valentine’s week the 13th February and get ready to embark on a new journey with your partner. The passionate way of expressing your love is a kiss and it says it all.

Gift Ideas for Kiss Day: personalised photo lamp, spark of love photo frame, chocolate indulgence cake

Valentine’s Day- 14th February

The final and the most memorable day is Valentine’s Day. All the romantic days lead to this final day where couples spend quality time with each other. This day is all about pampering, loving, and sweeping your partner off their feet. And what better than flowers and if you are away from your partner opt for flower delivery online.

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