The Importance of Using Shade Sails Explained

Kate Westall
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A shade sail or a canopy is a simple architectural structure that can bring a drastic change to an indoor or an outdoor area. They have several advantages and are relatively easy to install and take down if they are not wanted. They can be used for homes, outdoor areas, schools, and other areas which require protection.

Top benefits you can get by installing Shade Sails:

  • They offer protection from the harsh UV rays of the sun: 

    Probably the most obvious and important reason for installing a shade sail is to offer protection to the house from the sun. While a certain amount of sunlight is definitely good for the body, the direct rays of the sun often impart harmful UV rays which can damage the skin and even cause skin conditions and diseases. Installing a shade sail will protect you from 98.8% of the harmful UV rays of the sun, while letting you enjoy the warmth and environment outside!

  • They are flexible: 

    One of the main reasons why shade sails are so popular is related to their amazing flexibility. The anchor positions on the shade sail can be easily changed and adjusted according to your needs and requirement. You can adjust the position to enhance the visual and dramatic effect of an area, while also receiving the optimal protection from the glaring rays of the sun.

  • They add to the aesthetic beauty of the area: 

    A shade sail can be customized in different colours, textures and even shapes and sizes according to the area in which you wish to install it. The shade sail, when installed, enhances the aesthetics of that area by beautifully complementing the building. So you will not only get protection from the sun, but it also increases the value of your home or whichever area you wish to install it in.

  • They are easy to install and remove: 

    One of the most important facts about a shade sail is that it is very easy to install. Not just that, it can also be taken down according to your will. This means that you can install your shades seasonally. If you wish to take down the shades during some time, it can be done very easily, without even requiring any professional help to do so.

  • They are water resistant: 

    If you are planning to install your new shade sail on your patio, your garden or your pool area, and is also worried about the damage that may occur from rain or other water; this will not be an issue at all! Most shades are water resistant and protect your patio or pool area from water during the rainy season. This provides an extra protection to the expensive lawn furniture and patio furniture that you have laid outside.

  • They are eco-friendly: 

    No harmful raw materials are used in the production and manufacture of a shade sail. The best part is, you do not even require any tools to install this in your space. According to your specific needs, you will require not more than three timber posts to set up a shade sail easily in any area!

  • They help to save power: 

    Forget installing extra fans or coolers during hot, summer months. A shade sail provides shade to the area where it is installed, so you are protected not only from harmful UV rays of the sun, but you can also effectively block out much of the heat from penetrating into the area. This helps you save electricity costs without spending much on your shade sail.

Shade sails are gaining more popularity and interest from homeowners, commercial buildings, and engineers as well. The flexibility and versatility of the shade sails, along with their simplicity is what makes them such a great option.

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