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    The Ultimate Guide to Limestone Floor Tiles

    Are you thinking of applying limestone floor tiles to your hall or kitchen floors to get them an elegant look? Are you confused that it may be the wrong choice? We heard you. In this guide, we will discuss limestone’s specific advantages and disadvantages. This article will give a brief walkthrough of whether limestone floor tiles can be the perfect choice for your household or not.

    Nowadays, many natural stones are used extensively to produce quality tiles that can make your floor tiles look fantastic. Marble, granite, and limestone are the most common examples we find daily. All the materials vary in strength and texture and differ from one another.

    Is Limestone Floor Tiles a Good Choice?

    Limestone has a great texture as they have formed from the sedimentary rocks in nature. They can be a decorative item for any space, be it your house floor, office floor, school, etc. Pavers, Slabs, and tiles are products made from limestone. Limestone takes years to form as they are created by settling minerals on the earth’s surface. It has calcium carbonate present in it.

    Limestones are light in color, but they generally come in lighter shades like limestone floor tiles. The customers usually like these colors as they can easily fit anywhere. The most popular colors the limestone floor tiles provide us are ivory and beige.

    These colors give a gorgeous and soothing look to the kitchen and washrooms. Some people prefer darker shades in their homes or kitchen, and limestone provides them with brown and reddish colors.

    Benefits of Using Limestone Floor Tiles-


    The cost for the installation of limestone floor tiles is much cheaper and pocket-friendly compared to granite or marble flooring. The people who cannot afford to install marble and granite have limestones for their choice.


    The composition of minerals is high in the limestone, thus making the floor extremely durable. If limestone floor tiles are handled with special care and kept sealed, they may last a long time.

    Look & Texture:

    The limestone helps you to give your home, kitchen, bathroom, and aesthetic finish along with a natural and soothing appearance. It is readily available in different colors and shades to help the customers choose according to their choice.

    Now, let know about some factors which might be a concern to you.

    Are Limestone Floor Tiles High Maintenance?

    Limestone floor tiles need a little bit of more regular maintenance to keep their shine and beauty for a long time. As it is porous in nature, it needs to be adequately sealed. However, you will find the maintenance extremely beneficial as there would be no requirement to replace them anytime soon.

    If limestone floor tiles are washed daily, it gets better life conditions. We can use the cloth with warm water and apply some soap to it to clean it. Another essential thing to remember is the sealing part of keeping them safe from being eroded by acids.

    Are They Heavyweight?

    Limestone floor tiles are bound to be heavy as the natural stones are heavy. Due to this reason, they need special care, and installation must be done by experienced professionals only. Heavyweight is also an obstruction for its transportation.

    Limestone floor tiles can give a rustic look to the nature of your home. With their gorgeous look, they can be your partner for a lifetime if taken good care of. Limestone is a trending natural stone in the market for interior home design. People have been choosing limestone over other stones for their interior spaces, which is a good value for money.

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