Things To Keep In Mind When You Plan To Buy Online Lab Fridges

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The scientists working on various projects at the scientific laboratories or the medical professionals researching in the medical labs always need a safe and secure place to store the different samples, materials, and products. It is important for a biological lab to carry on with its work in a most hassle-free manner. So, the right lab fridges can be of benefit to you.

But when you plan to Buy online lab fridges, the process is not at all the same as buying a unit for the kitchen from any appliance store.

Under-Counter Freezers And Refrigerators

When you have less space available in the lab, under-counter freezers are the ideal choice.

  • The standard height is around two and a half feet, which fits perfectly beneath the work counters, in the corners, or other unused small spaces.
  • Benchtop refrigerators also help save a lot of counter space to give the staff more working area.
  • When you Buy online lab fridgesyou will get free-standing and built-in options too.
  • Glass doors offer solid visibility whereas the other doors offer non-visibility but the things can be stored inside the fridge in a proper manner.

But the above option is always good only when your laboratory is small.

Upright Freezers and Refrigerators:

You can buy the standalone single door or double door lab fridge depending on the requirement. Along with that, capacity of the fridge should also be checked, and you can go for the right brand checking before you start the installation process. Of course there will be a variety of sizes available from the different companies.

  • Double or triple doors are ideal when you work in a large laboratory, and there is always a need for storing more cultures, raw materials, and products.
  • The strict and reliable temperature control system is always a mandatory feature of these lab freezers.
  • Most of the high quality lab fridges are used for storing enzymes, buffers, dyes and so on, so you can choose accordingly.

You should verify whether the model has an intelligent microprocessor controller, security system or digital display to alert the staff when there is some fluctuation in the temperature inside,

Low-Temperature Freezers

There is no universal temperature log for the samples, vaccines, and other materials that you need for the research. That is why it is vital to know the different temperature requirements of the samples. Hence, you have to be mindful about the features when you Buy online lab fridges.

Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

Sometimes the low-temperature freezers are not enough to protect your materials. As such times, the ultra-low temperature freezers offer the intensive and most powerful cold storage solution with the possibility to maintain the temperature -50 to -86 degrees Celsius. Check the pre-set temperature patterns and the alarm system that is present. Along with that, you should also check the latch, the locking system and the buttons with which you can increase or reduce the temperature.

Check The Reputation Of The Seller

One of eh most important things that you should not ignore when you are about to Buy online lab fridges is the online reputation of the manufacturer. Popular companies always maintain the quality manufacturing standard that becomes the reason for more client acquisition through recommendations.

All Features

Suppose you have been working at the lab for a long time. You know what the general purposes of using the refrigerator in your lab are. Then you can make a list and check which model from a reputed company is offering all these features within the minimum amount.

When you Buy online lab fridges, you have to be also careful about the warranty period so that you get the repair and replacement services free of cost in case of some glitches within the warranty period.

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