Things To Remember Before You Hire A Photo Booth

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Photo booths are quickly replacing DJs as the essential party guest entertainment. However, choosing the cheapest option is not as simple as searching online or calling a few booth providers. You need to choose a professional photo booth hire service that can decorate your booth according to the theme of your party.

When hiring a photo booth for a party, there are a few things to consider. If you are looking for a photo booth hire near you, make sure you go through this list before buying one.
Here are some things to think about:

Your Booth’s Size

Will it fit in the designated area at the venue of your choice?
Is it a portable booth that can be transported up and down stairs and then put together where needed?
Will there be enough room for everyone? Some booth can only accommodate one or two people. Some people can handle up to 10 to 12; check with your possible supplier. You need to choose a booth that can accommodate more people.

Your Visitors

Who are the people who are attending? You need to ask your booth supplier while photo booth hire that whether they are willing to build the booth for that kind of event. They may have some specialization and they can deal with wedding or corporate events. So, you need to choose a photo booth hire service that have delt with similar events.


Verification that the booth, mainly the curtains and other items, is fireproof. Be aware of any booths with foam-padded chairs made of materials like MDF. You must choose a booth according to the space available in your venue and you must maintain all safety measurements for the same.

Optional Photo Booths

You should also take into account some of the extras during photo booth hire that can be offered or that are included in the package when hiring a photo booth for a party:

  • A Visitor’s Log And Additional Prints: Does the vendor of your exhibit provide this as a choice? It will give you and your family many weeks, months, and even years of beautiful memories of your party, so if it’s available, I highly recommend it.
  • Times For Delivery And Use: Are you only able to use the booth for the number of hours that the booth provider says they can set it up? Ask about an earlier arrival and set-up time and what is called in the business as “idle time” if the room will be used for something else prior to the party, such as presentations, speeches, or even sit-down meals.
  • Keyrings: These are a fantastic choice for your guests to take home. You may purchase some keyrings from your booth supplier as part of the package, which your booth attendant will create from images of your attendees.
  • Putting On Props: Digital props were already highlighted, but real props can also be fun for your visitors. Verify if these are included in the price of your rental or if they require an additional fee. Additionally, if your party has a theme, find out if the venue has a set of themed props available.

Your Pictures

Greenscreen backgrounds have already been highlighted, but there are other considerations you should make before your party as well while you plan to opt for photo booth hire:

  • Picture Format: Do you want to offer your guests a single image, a layout with 2, 3, or 4 smaller photos, or both? Do you want your multiple-image photos to have the images square to the edges of the shot or at various angles?
  • Background: Do you like a custom background for the photograph of your guests to sit on? If so, what should this background look like? You can choose a custom background for the entire picture and give your visitors the option of using a greenscreen digital background for the view they take in the photo booth.
  • Dressing Code: The majority will typically arrive in formal attire. However, if you have any specific dress code demands, such as a dinner jacket, theme clothing, color preferences, etc., discuss them in advance with your supplier.


If you’re considering renting a photo booth for a party or other event, I hope this piece has provided you with a helpful list of questions to put on the table for your supplier. You can find the best photo booth hire around you. Just look up the internet, and you will surely get lots of options.

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