Tips and Ideas That You Can Apply for Your Bathroom Renovations

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Bathrooms are the smallest rooms of your home. People spend a lot of time and money investing the in the décor of the bathroom as well. If you do not, imagine a day when your boss visits you and wants to use your bathroom. You would be pretty hesitant to take him to your substandard, unclean bathroom. Parents usually are embarrassed when they host a party and the kids come out of the bathroom complaining of a dirty bathroom.
Bathroom Renovations
Renovation is a challenging task and you need high quality materials for that:
But here we are talking about bathroom renovation. That, is a challenging task as people already live in your home and you need everybody to stop using that bathroom for a couple of days. Tedious it may seem but when you have to renovate – you have to renovate.
  • People and kids who are allergic to dust must make arrangements elsewhere or these couple of days.
  • When you are all set to renovate your bathroom, you must get in touch with a construction company or ask for references from your friends and family for the same. Internet has a tone of people who provide such services.
  • Look for reputed companies as you would want a quality job done. After all this would be a long term investment.
Bathroom Renovations
Once you have finalized your construction company:
  • Explain what you need in your bathroom renovation: Discuss all about design style and functionality. Make sure you discuss lighting, flooring, walls, cabinets, storage, accessories, and ventilation.
  • Discuss budget friendly options for your requirement: Green options are available in plenty. You can be a proud owner of a green bathroom.
  • Get the exact measurements: Be it for the bathtub or the sink or the vanity, exact measurement can help in getting the right hardware.
  • Get a quote: It is better to compare rates with a couple of other construction companies if you have the time and patience.
  • Discuss about warranties: Once the construction company completes their work, they offer warranty for their services, and the parts they have used.
  • Discuss timelines: Set expectations as you will have your family or new tenants wanting to move in at the earliest.
You should take measures about insurance and bathroom fixtures:
  • Finalize fixtures and features: Talk about the quality and warranty, style, make, model of the fixtures if you have anything particular in mind.
  • Work sequence: Understand and learn about the step by step activities by the experts working in your bathroom. They will ensure the wall and floor is laid neatly first with facilities to fox vanity sink etc,
  • Discuss hidden or unknown problems: You may not be aware of certain underlying details about the renovation work. The false ceiling may pull down the wooden frames while performing the renovation tasks or certain electrical cables may be cut off etc.
  • Discuss about insurance: Check with the company – they should have insurance for the workers and some may have a third party insurance too in case a part of your home gets damaged in the process of renovation
  • Sign a contract: All the above said things must be elaborately discussed and mentioned in the contract and duly signed by the construction company and you.
One the contract is signed; the construction company will send their experts to start work in your bathroom.
The full bathroom to be brought down to crumbles. Yes, no point renovating partial bathrooms. The floor and the walls tiles are scraped apart. The vanity, the sink and everything is torn apart. Bathroom is a water prone area and the flooring must suit this.
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