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Blocked Drain

One of the problems that you would never want to encounter is the clogging of plumbing pipes which results in blocked drains. Despite all your efforts, there is a probability that you may encounter a blocked drain problem. Ignoring this problem may aggravate the situation, and that can be a nightmare for you. Hence, it becomes important to know the causes of the blocked drain.


Blocked Drain


Cause1: Tree Roots– Tree roots can be problematic sometimes, and ignoring them for long may lead to cracking of pipes. While it’s more common to notice tree roots invading the pipes in an old house, but tree roots can leak your underground drainage lines. It becomes important that you must check the plantation, and ensure that trees are planted away from the drainage pipes.

Solution: In case you encounter the problem of root penetration into the pipelines, then the best solution would be to go for relining of pipes, and it would require the assistance of a professional who has expertise in this. They can use some CCTVs to locate the clogged area and they will reline your pipeline with PVC materials.

Cause 2: Fat, Oil, And Grease– While the above-mentioned problem is common, but the key culprit of a blocked drain is oil and grease that dunks down the sink of your kitchen. Often we leave the leftover food in the sink, and they can go down inside the drain. While most of its pass-through and clears off, but many a time, these food particles and oil stick around the pipe, and over a period of time, it starts accumulating dust particles.

Solution: The first step to keep your kitchen’s sink pipe clean is by clearing off the plates and discarding the leftover food into the bin. Apart from that, you can pour hot water down the drain, or you can add baking soda and vinegar in your water to clean the drains. It is suggested to avoid using harmful chemicals for cleaning the drains because they can spread some germs in your pipeline.

Cause 3: The Tresses– Yes, your lovely hair locks can be the cause of blocked drain. They can easily pass through even the minute strands, and when mixed with soapy water, they will start accumulating in the pipe. When this process continues for a long, it will lead to blockage of drain.

Solution: You may try and use different drain strainers, but you may still find that hair strands finding their way out through the strain. If you are noticing this issue, then you may opt for chemical cleaners, or else you can also use a hanger to clean the drains.

Even after all your attempts and regular cleaning of the drainage pipe, you are noticing blocked drains, then you need to call professional drain cleaning services. Plumbers who are experienced, qualified and skilled to clear blocked drains are going to be helpful. You can seek references or check the internet.

Blocked Drain

When it comes to narrowing down your option to the one, then you should not miss checking the credentials of the plumber, along with the services they offer. You must also speak to them, and check their license and insurance. Make sure that while choosing a plumber, you must also look for emergency assistance. Plumbing issues like blocked drains are unsolicited, and hence, it’s important that you must talk to the plumber about the emergency services. There are some blocked-drain cleaning services available that offer 24×7 services and you can call them anytime according to your needs.

Now, you can search for such plumbers online and ask for a quote. Then compare their prices to choose an affordable one.

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