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Youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms, which allows users across the globe to watch, share and download videos online.  We could watch anything and everything on this app, from news, business, entertainment, life hacks, travel blogs, daily blogs, mysteries, technical information, etc. YouTube gives us various incredible channel options to explore and entertain ourselves according to our preferred niches. Are you struggling with what to watch on YouTube? Well, not anymore. This article discusses how you can download the videos from YouTube to mp3 and watch them anytime you wish.

Fitness Blender:

We all are well aware of the importance of exercise and staying fit, but we ignore it all the time. Are you the one who keeps procrastination and cannot gather much motivation to exercise regularly? Well, this youtube channel is designed for you. This channel offers various fitness workout routines free of cost. Whether you are a  beginner, basic or advanced level at it, the channel offers professional workout videos for all levels. Whether you want to watch videos focusing on some regions of the body or even kickboxing cardio, Fitness Blender has you covered.

Amazing Space:

Do you find yourself lost in the incredibly compelling imaginations of space? This youtube channel is a delight for your eyes as it is solely dedicated to space. It will make you wonder about the minor details with its collection of time-lapse videos. Watching the videos of this channel will give you a more detailed and closer view of the Earth and the Sun. You would be glad to know that the material of the videos is sourced by NASA, the ESA, and other exclusive sources. Amazing Space also features live streams from International Space Station.


As the name says, this youtube channel will make you crave these mouth-watering dishes. Are you bored of the same daily dishes? Try the Tasty channel. It has the most amazingly delicious dishes, which are broken down into simple and easy recipes that you would want to crash into your kitchen and try at that very moment. This youtube channel runs its youtube shows and brings the most impressive and simple dishes for you all. Add fun to your food with this youtube channel.  You can find various mp juice and smoothies here too.


The worldwide famous brand Chanel also has its youtube channel where you can easily enjoy high-fashion content. Chanel is best known for its clothing, eyewear, fragrance, jewelry, and watches. It also produces different fashion shows, makeup tutorials, and commercials. On their YouTube channel, you can grab an insider view of fashion shows, including makeup tutorials, new collections, and even BTS (Behind the scenes) of exclusive commercials. Amazing, right? So, keep your fashion game on point just by following this channel. Also check about: youtube store’s SEO.


Looper is a youtube channel that showcases everything about entertainment from interesting facts, TV shows, games, songs, and untold stories behind movies. Do you wonder who is behind the mask of horror movie monsters? Why has your favorite show/movie doesn’t got a sequel yet? Which show is trending on the Internet?  Or, have an interest in keeping yourself updated with popular culture? Looper got all covered. You can find entertainment in various ways here. Find out more about upcoming shows and movies from moviezwap.

These are our top five YouTube channels you should follow to keep your life game on point. It is pretty challenging to list the best youtube channels for every niche in one article. So, we tried to compile channels worth watching. You just need an internet connection to enjoy endless entertainment at your fingertips free of cost.

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