Transform Your Garden With A Bespoke Pergola

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Bespoke Pergola
Bespoke Pergola
Bespoke pergolas are a great way to give your garden a makeover without having to change the look of your entire patio or home. Bespoke pergolas are not only beautiful, but are extremely functional as well. A bespoke pergola can be built with you in mind, incorporating all the features that you would like to have.
Whether you want a simple pergola with just a single post or a new custom built one with the perfect swing seat and lounger, pergolas are the perfect solution for your needs. The following article outlines some of the main characteristics of bespoke pergolas and the popular bespoke pergola kit options.
There are many different pergola design options available, depending on your individual requirements. There are standard designs for all sizes and types of bespoke pergolas, as well as optional features that you can add to the design if you so wish. Some popular additional features include textured wood, stainless steel or chrome fittings, outdoor lighting options using LED bulbs, weatherproofing options, awning attachments and so much more.
If your budget does not stretch to all these options, you can still get an excellent design by customizing your choice of pergola kit. You can incorporate all the features that you desire with the use of cookies, which are easily added to a bespoke pergola kit after purchase.
Have you been planning to transform your garden this summer? One of the best ways to provide your garden with a unique identity and to completely change its outlook is by adding a beautifully designed bespoke pergola to your space. Below mentioned are a few reasons that prove why a Bespoke Pergola is the perfect addition that your garden needs!
Creates A Private Outdoor Space: Even though they are an open construction, bespoke pergolas do create a private corner for you in your very own garden, which can be used by you as your individual space or even can cater to your guests over breakfast.
Adds More Greenery: Most of the houses in the current era are quite small and do not allow you ample space to add on all your favourite plants in your garden. The beams as well as the verticals of the bespoke pergola can be used to climb or hang beautiful plants, which further add to the beauty of your outdoor space.
Adds On Ample Shade And Comfort: Most of us out there do love the warmth of the summers. However, many times, the overhead sun can actually turn out to be a bit of a nuisance. In such times, the shade offered by the bespoke pergolas can actually turn out to be a saviour. Also, the pergola can also offer you great relief while organising a small get together in your garden and the temperatures start rising.
Adds Value To Your Property: A bespoke pergola does not only add to the aesthetic value of your property but can also aid its monetary value. A perfectly designed and placed pergola in your garden can actually become a USP of your space and catch the eye of every person passing by your classy garden.
If you seem convinced about adding on a classy bespoke pergola to your garden, you can shortlist the design, creation, as well as installation process of your luxurious bespoke pergola, with master craftsmanship and quality, directly from Oakfields.
However, it is very important to note that the bespoke pergola that you get installed in your garden needs to be designed as per your very own available space else it could turn out to be an eyesore. Therefore, pick one of the best pergola experts out there, whose workmanship you can trust blindly, and allow your garden to be given a completely new, beautiful character.
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