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    Types of Glass Balustrading to enhance the curb appeal of your home

    Glass balustrading is the perfect way to give a nice minimalistic look to your house. It’s a top-class modern fancy look that you can achieve alongside the edges of your balconies, rooftops, and staircases.

    As we will mention here, there are different designs to choose from, but it is up to you to decide the best looks.

    We are pretty sure that if you want to give a nice modern look to your house, you try out these refurbished completely transparent glass frames as balustrading your staircase sides, rooftops, and balconies. The guests arriving at your home are surely going to be more than impressed by these looks.

    If you are ready to spend some extra amount, then you can explore other options. If you are making your dream house, then go for it, for you too will be amazed how the complete view of your rooms and houses changes when you use glass balustrading.

    What type of glass is used for making glass balustrades?

    The glasses used to make the balustrades are tempered and toughed by heating them, a standardized process in the industries. The glass is also laminated with a minimum thickness of 21.5 mm. Even if the glass panel breaks, the minuscule parts of the broken glass will still be bonded with the laminated outer glass panel coating.

    If there are posts and handrail support on top of the glass balustrades, then the glass panel ash has a minimum of 11.5 mm.

    The structural glass designers that manufacture glass balustrades for homes have to comply with various end certification processes and meet the finished products’ standards.

    Various types of glass balustrades

    Stand-off fixing balustrades

    This is one of the most simple types of glass balustrading solutions. This does not quite give the same looks as the other glass balustrade models.

    The entire glass panel is fixed and inserted into the stainless steel off-fixings that protect it from the sides. The standard process is to check out the maximum load ratings that it can sustain. This is also the most budgetary form of glass balustrade solutions for your homes.

    Glass balustrades with fascia mounting

    Now, as with many others, you might not want to go with the off-fixing look. So here we have got for you a better variant for glass balustrading, that is, the glass balustrade with fascia mounting.

    This also gives a much more clean and transparent look, and also with that, you can get the entire surface area of your balcony, staircase, or rooftop.

    Here the glass balustrade is fixed to the sidewall using a stainless steel fascia on top of which there is cladding using another fascia so that the ends of the screws and nuts or bolts are not even visible to the naked eye. The outer cladding fascia achieves this. You can use it for any space in your house.

    Glass balustrade with railings visible

    In this case, the railings at the bottom will cover up the fascia, which is pretty decent looking to the eyes. The glass balustrade is fixed in a channel rail within which the fascia is hidden, although the railings are visible.

    Glass balustrade with invisible railings

    It’s a seamless design that is slightly better than the previous option where the railings are visible. As you can note in the name here, the railings are completely invisible as the entire channel on the floor has been made to insert the railings. This gives your glass balustrading an even more minimalistic look.


    So, now you have the complete information about the popular options of glass balustrade. Based on the design requirement and budget, you can choose the best option.

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